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  1. Many gamblers , use some substances illicit or not , such as alcohol, weed or even some uppers like amphetamines , cocaine. So what about you when you gamble ? Are you sober to be aware of your betting or do you use some dope to be more relax, less anxious or more efficient in your game? Don't be shy, this will stay between us
  2. Well sometimes i use some amulets when i gamble , but it has never worked haha , maybe i need to believe more in their power
  3. Thanks a lot for all your comments , that was very interesting to read. I Noticed that many of you would like to have a dark mode in PD , bigger chat history , the possibility to exchange our coins , a more realistic jackpot , and more coins added in a near future. Well let's hope admins will take note of your requests , i think forum is also made for that , to fear from players and to try to satisfy them as much as possible.
  4. I think best thing is to wait a little bit before investing in Bitcoin, price can dip more , but nobody can predict that even the self proclaimed crytpo specialists.
  5. Martingale so called "Martinfail" could work in short run with a big balance but def not with a small bankroll , in the long run you will end busted for sure.
  6. My best luck in gambling was back in 2017 in PD when i made 0.8 btc from 0.01 btc in less than 1 week , it was really insane!
  7. Luck is something ephemeral , it comes all of a sudden and it goes in a blink of an eye , you can't keep it or own it , you just can enjoy it so you don't miss the opportunity given to you...
  8. Ofc emotions impact significantly your game, when you got angry after a long red streak or when you're too excited after hitting some nice greens affect you, so you overreact by betting big amounts or losing your focus and those events lead you to bust all your coins.
  9. Well i don't know exactly, but which is sure it's my deposits far exceeds my withdrawals since i always try to profit more, i forgot that the withdrawal option exists
  10. In general , i don't use rain command , it's way too random , i prefer to tip my friends , and the people who tipped me before , they are my priority.
  11. I don't have any preferences , i think they are all doing a good job, mods and support team as well
  12. Haha you killed me @Partyboy, i wasn't talking about support girls , ofc they are girls , no doubt on that!
  13. Hello Pdicers , Sometimes , i'm wondering if i'm more addicted to crypto than gambling. I'm asking this qestion because i never play in gambling casinos supporting FIAT, i only gamble to win crypto, so that's why i think i could be more addicted to crypto I don't know if you are in the same case , but for me it's clear , i'm really addicted to crypto even if i can't hodl them, because of my gambling addiction. Pretty confusing isn't it ?
  14. By the end of this year, i'm expecting Bitcoin to hit 17k USD , that would be great if it happens , but it's very hard to speculate , we never know what can occur in upcoming months.
  15. Sure , i don't play with Bitcoin like i play with LTC or XRP for e.g. When i play with BTC i'm more careful and i size better my bet amounts whereas if i'm playing with Doges i play reckless since its value is cheap so i take more risks.
  16. There's no such a thing as a pro gambler, it doens't exist, even if you have some skills , gambling in general depends on your luck. I think that you can be a pro gamber only on Poker, the rest of games are too way random for professionalism...
  17. Aha interesting question @dmbadillo10, well till i have a bankroll , i will go on gambling , i think i have no limits, i can go for like 12 hours ( breaks included). However lately, i don't have much time for gambling so i gamble for like 2 hours or 3 maximum
  18. I think you should try to make her forget this addiction by some other occupations , like taking her out , watching movies , taking care of her as much as you can that will help her a lot and maybe step bu step she will be less addicted. Avoid to force her to quit gambling , in general that will lead to the opposite result so she will dive more into this addiction. I hope my advices will help even if i'm not the perfect person to give advices :p
  19. I remember once from 0.0005 eth rain tip i made 0.63 eth in few days, too bad i busted it , i wanted to make it 1 eth lol
  20. Haha! No need for guessing just ask me i will tell you who is pretending and who is not Just kidding i don't disclose these kind of infos even if i don't like people who are pretending to be someone else just for some shady purposes, but it's their business anyways....
  21. Well in this case , and you can't afford to lose more money , you are bounded to try your luck with rains/tips or you do extra work to be able to deposit again and maybe recover your loss
  22. PD and Stake are two different sites with different brands even if they are owned by the same company , they don't target same customers.
  23. Well it depends , if i have some btcs , i want it to be high otherwise i want to be low. However a high btc price could make you earn faster a nice profit when you gamble, you need to win a tons of sats.
  24. My Opinion is to never put all your eggs in the same basket, We all know that BTC is the King of crytpo currencies. However , i think it's always better to diversify your portofolio , many other coins has a big potential of rising like ETH, BCH and LTC.