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  1. Hello PDicers, i want to know what was your biggest profit in a single bet , whether if it was on high multiplier or not doens't matter , just post your craziest bets in comments! Here's one of my craziest bet!! Bet: 29,312,920,896 placed by MrNice23 on 07/03/2019 Wagered 0.00131072 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.12845056
  2. I think a gambling site without HRs tab would be boring , it's good for entertainment , for show , for business and makes "normal" players dream to win big one day , and i want to say again that it was a mistake to remove HOF (Hall Of Fame) because that was nice to see how much you can win in one day or one week , it's challenging and entertaining. As we know nowadays entertainement is the most profitable business...
  3. As far as i remember it ws around 0.01 btc , i don't like to allin in general , only when i'm desperate.
  4. Well i don't dream about winning that Jackpot , imo this JP is almost impossible , i think it would be better to remove it and make one more realistic
  5. Rush Rush Rush go big or go home is my style haha
  6. Bet: 29,508,887,919 placed by MrNice23 on 13/03/2019 Wagered 0.00007200 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00007200
  7. Thanks @CaptainLorca for the topic and congratulations , awesome hit !
  8. Amazing and exciting challenge @windsfun ! Congratulations for your win , this requests a lot of patience and also a solid mindset, well done man!
  9. Thanks @ttrtrades for your words, this so true! Indeed the algo seems to give more weigth to messages sent on chat than the wagering. So some users spam the chat intentionally to get showered when they are out of faucet and bankrupt, and i noticed they do receive or 'catch" more rain than a player wagering way more but not chatting. So i think one of the solution is to change the algo to fix the problem of spammers. However some will keep on spamming to greet Hrs for their big wins, at this point mods should mute those spammers without any hesitation to keep a clean chat with civilized people talking and having fun together. I think if we are a solid community we can fix that spam issue by trying to show the right way, to not spam and tell to spammers that it's not apropriate in this chat. Each one us can do something to make a better chat together...
  10. If i got in my wallet more funds to deposit i will for sure , rage recovery mode activated haha!
  11. I really love your initiative @Zoltan, we really need that in pd chat instead of "gl" and such spam words , is this chat game still available or it's only when you're moding
  12. BitTorrent, pioneer in peer-to-peer technology (i guess most of us used it at least once to share files on the internet) has been creating its own cryptocurrency associated with TRON team for few months, now it's finally available! BitTorrent ICO endend with a great sucess ,to quote Coindesk site: "59.8 billion BTT tokens were sold through Binance’s token sale platform on Jan. 28 at a price of $0.00012 per token" Now the Token is officially launched and already listed in some exchange platforms like Binance, Okex or Upbit. Just after the Token Sale price skyrocketted to reach today $0.000798 so 565 % increase from its ICO price. BTT will run on TRON Porotocol (TRC-10) it will be based on TRON Blockchain. The interesting part in this project is that users of this network like content creators will be able to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without any middleman or censorship. Peer to Peer Tech integrated to Blockchain seems to be very promissing concept especially when "giants"like BitTorrent makes it.
  13. I had on 2x 14 reds streak , On 3x 36 reds , and 5x over 50 reds
  14. I'm just curious, you said that "everything is controlled" what does it mean ? Manipulated ? And other question have you tried dice in real life Casino to tell that you can predict?
  15. Haha! Of course they won't be sued, first they are rich and famous so they can get the best lawyers and all will be done to discredit naive people who follow advices from non experts , it's their responsabilty in my opinion and they should inform themselves before investing in anything.