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  1. MrNice23

    Bitcoin SV?

    Haha @UchihaRaj where do you find your info ? I'm not sure it's from a legit source 😛
  2. MrNice23

    Bean cash, have you tried?

    Never heard about Bean Cash, i will make my own research on it , let's hope it's not another shitty coin
  3. MrNice23

    Bitcoin SV?

    Hey Pdicers what do think about Bitcoin SV the new born after BCH fork? Bitcoin SV claim to be the original Bitcoin and as the team said they will maintain the vision set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in 2008. Its current price is $75,70 USD and worth 0,02103938 BTC. So do you think Bitcoin SV will grow more and even surpass BCH? Let me know what your expectations in your comments. Thanks
  4. MrNice23

    Who are your best rollers?

    Best Rollers are those who know when to stop and are not blinded by their greed , if i have to name few ones , let's say "Progame" , "Negan" and "Zoltan" are the best in my opinion.
  5. MrNice23

    What your Primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    First you need a decent balance , then do at least 50 prerolls with low bets (100 sats) after start increasing by 1% on loss. Good luck!
  6. MrNice23

    Some Brand Managers Infos You Should Know

    i'm always available for French BM , i think i have all skills to do well this job but you know @Carollzinha is up to you
  7. MrNice23

    Some Big Bets And Wins since I joined PD

    Well done @delli110, wish you still hit those big bets you deserve all the best my friend
  8. Joined , still have to verify some things , let's try it! Thanks Kristofff.
  9. MrNice23

    10 things that shook the Bitcoin WORLD !

    Yeah definitely what shocked me the most in "Bitcoin World" was when the price reached in December 2017 all time high of 20k USD which in my opinion was like a warning that finance will never be the same in a near future! To Be Continued.....
  10. MrNice23

    What's your message count?

    Haha nice topic, when i started playing and then using chat i wasn't so interested by that stat. I was just chating without paying any attention to "Message Count" then after few monts of intense conversations in PD chat i noticed that my "MC" was pretty impressive but i'm not doing that to spam or for any interest , i just love to chat
  11. MrNice23

    What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?

    I don't use anymore a Bank account or maybe i never used that , i have some alts doing the job , now i use essentially my Vault.
  12. MrNice23

    Those that go slowly, go well and far

    I've never played slow , i hope i can. Maybe when i started betting in Primedice i was doing that "slow and steady" following strats and some discipline but since i started to lose big i always have this recovery feel inside me and it can be one of the reasons i play fast and furious hah!
  13. MrNice23

    Primedice Forum Coin

    That's a great idea to create a token or a coin for Primedice, many casinos have that and it's working good.
  14. MrNice23

    PD promotion?

    I heard about a new promotion but haven't received it yet.... Edit: My bad i did receive this promo but find it in spam folder
  15. Agreed source, friend list is a total mess in its actual layout, it would be nice to organize it