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  1. Haha! No need for guessing just ask me i will tell you who is pretending and who is not Just kidding i don't disclose these kind of infos even if i don't like people who are pretending to be someone else just for some shady purposes, but it's their business anyways....
  2. Well in this case , and you can't afford to lose more money , you are bounded to try your luck with rains/tips or you do extra work to be able to deposit again and maybe recover your loss
  3. PD and Stake are two different sites with different brands even if they are owned by the same company , they don't target same customers.
  4. Well it depends , if i have some btcs , i want it to be high otherwise i want to be low. However a high btc price could make you earn faster a nice profit when you gamble, you need to win a tons of sats.
  5. My Opinion is to never put all your eggs in the same basket, We all know that BTC is the King of crytpo currencies. However , i think it's always better to diversify your portofolio , many other coins has a big potential of rising like ETH, BCH and LTC.
  6. There were a lending section in this forum, but since many players defaulted to pay, it's no more available. You know it's very hard to trust gamblers for loans , most of them don't pay back , so i'm not sure it's a good idea....
  7. Hello Pdicers, Over 6 years and Primedice is still leader in crypto gambling thanks to many factors such as its profressionalism, its interface, its many options and its great community , its flawless security, and also its support team always available to help players when needed. But Let's focus on PD platform , and its features for now. So in your opinion what are you expecting more from Primedice, what options or features would you like to see in a near future?
  8. Funny topic @Eminx3! I rememeber when i was teenager , once i bet on a sheap lol. the context was acheap battle, it's a traditional thing where i live , to bet on the stronger cheap , i bet like 10$ and my cheap won the battle, i was proud of it haha !
  9. Well when i got big red streaks , i try desperatly to resist , i lower my bets until then i try to increase a little bit to check if it's the right time to strike back, if it continues , i decrease again until i hit a green. At this moment , i increase my bets amount to catch the opportunity to recover my losses but sometimes , it's not working , and i got another red streaks, i don't know how to react , maybe i should stop but i never do that and sadly i end busted..
  10. I gamble like '4 hours per day , actually i spend more time chating. i'm maybe more addicted to chat than gambling, i really enjoy that and Primedice community which is awesome! So for me gambling represents 1/'4 of my time spent in PD, chat is 3/4
  11. I feel very safe when i let my funds in Primedice , it's one of the best casino in the crypto industry , legit , safe and their support team is very professional. However i'm not sure it's the biggest bank in the world, it's an awesome gambling site no doubt on that but def not a bank.
  12. Haha if i lose ? Well depends , if i still have some funds in my wallet , i will redeposit even more to recover, i can't accept to lose that's the problem! I will go on depositing until i empty my wallet , fight till death! If I have nothing left then i stop, i close instant the site no chat, nothing , i go sleep to forget what i busted, that's it. The day after i feel totally depressed then 2 days later i recover mentally and i'm ready again to bust
  13. @bankbank way too risky for only 0.042 eth in my opinion
  14. Hahah @Muskieto nice question! I wouldn't risk 1 eth on 2x , first of all because it's way too big for 10 eth balance and secondly i almost never play 2x , i don't like that payout , i'm more into high payouts like 2x and over
  15. Interesting question @CntryBoy, well if Primedice wouldn't existted it would be way harder for me to get some crypto since where i live , they are illegal . We can't find exchanges where to buy. However i think i would figured how to get crypto and maybe i would have more coins.