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  1. I think if i leave PD, it will be with a huge loss, it's been over 5 years that i'm gambling, and the bitcoins lost (around 8 BTC) are very hard to recover, especially with their value now, so yeah i will leave certainly with a huge loss, good memories, and good friends of course!
  2. I lose and and i win with any coin, so i'm not sure if i can say that a specific coin makes me lose, it's all about luck, i had nice runs with every coins.
  3. Well, im maybe pessimist, but buying a house from gambling profit seems to be very hard to accomplish, in my opinion gambling could lead you to sell a house or car unfortunately...
  4. Removed this because the items mentioned here was allready known
  5. Seems to be a nice strat for wagering to increase your level, why not giving it a try even if i'm more into profit and wager comes with it. Thanks @paddyspub for sharing.
  6. Yes i do when i like the comment, it's a nice way to motivate forum users to keep on commenting and posting.
  7. Yeah many times i gambled while i was drunk and i wouldn't advise anyone to do that, i lost big amounts because i was not so conscious and def not aware of the situation haha. However, i remember once i won a big amount and i was drunk but just enough not too much, quite good feeling that makes me very focus , bold but still aware!
  8. I may be said that many times before but sometimes i'm wondering if Primedice will still be one of the leader of crypto gambling sites, or it will close soon. When i see the lack of activity in Primedice comparing to 2-3 years ago , i think Primedice is not going in the right way, this site became pointless if you can find same features and more on Stake. I'm really disappointed as a loyal player who won't chose Stake if Primedice close its doors, i will just quit... Sometimes i think also that Primedice is just a way to fund Stake and to feed their users with multiple bonus and coupons, well this is just unfair especially for loyal players who invested so much time and money in Primedice. I just hope that Primedice owners will react, and do something for us because if it's their way to make us leave for Stake that won't work. What are your thoughts about that, and do you think that Primedice is going in the right way?
  9. Well it just reflects how became primedice, a boring dead site, less and less active users... This is normal when the priority is Stake, nothing is done to improve primedice to make it more alive, and this not our responsibility, owners should react before pd become a ghost site.
  10. The min withdraw is 2k sats (0.00002 btc) in order to withdraw your first earnings, it's very simple you just need to go there https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard and transfer your funds to your Primedice account.
  11. See now you just got 285 sats, the more you increase your rank the more you will be paid per post, now for 1 post i receive 1k sats : )
  12. @VrOdaN you need to rank up in order to get paid for your posts, and please note that not all the sections are paying.
  13. Well Stake has a nice bonus for that why here in Primedice we can have same benefits, i think it's really unfair for players who chose to be loyal to Primedice....