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  1. After this morning latest update , i noticed that HOF (Hall of Fame) has disapeared from the site , is it on purpose or maybe devs forget to add it? Well i'm not sure to remove this great feature is a good thing for PD, it's always nice to see ranks of most profit made by players , it gives motivation and gives to other players some hope.... What do you think? Do you prefer PD whitout HOF or with HOF ?
  2. MrNice23

    Hi guys, I'm EW3GIL

    Hello ew3gil elcome to Primedice Forum, i hope you enjou your stay here with our great community
  3. MrNice23

    Primedice Museum

    Totally agreed Vinka , Hufflepuff is one the PD legend even if he cheated , we can make for him a place in this Museum.
  4. MrNice23

    Rows of Crazy Rich from Bitcoin

    Hahah , i'm not sure gambling is the way, you need your brain to get rich.
  5. BTC Stash? ok we have now Bicoin SV, Bitcoin ABC, do we need another shit coin ?
  6. MrNice23

    Primedice Museum

    Here's a pic of one first PD versions , i guess it's the version 1, maybe some players here can remember it , i wasn't playing in PD at this time 😛
  7. Great , you found how to use bch and doge with dicebot , i don't if it has been updated yet tho
  8. I'm not sure it's a good thing for shapeshift, the more there are intermediate the more you will pay fees....
  9. MrNice23

    Good winning method. (for me)

    That could be a good trick , i def need to change my strat and try something else , thanks Krist
  10. MrNice23

    Bitcoin Cash Fork

    I don't think that "hard fork" is a good thing for BTC or cryptos , this is just creating "FUD" and affects prices negatively like a said in my latest topic.
  11. It seems to be an interesting concept of faucet , maybe i wil give it a try thanks Kargai
  12. MrNice23

    What if you Were "Blindedbytheli" ?

    Lol , yes SEMPAX good management and tirvias are always welcome
  13. MrNice23

    Hello All friends

    Welcome Asif to "PD World" i hOpe you will enjoy your stay here and get lucky to win lot of $$$$
  14. MrNice23

    My learning from gambling

    You just need to take a break Mahdi, to clear your mind and when you come back you will be able to recover what you lost , don't forget that it's all about mindset.....
  15. MrNice23

    Primedice Museum

    I will upload some screenshots asap i just need my desktop