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  1. Will do for sure , indeed trustpilot is a reference now , with pleasure i will post a little review about Primedice
  2. haha yeah already did , he just said that it's ok , he think it's not a problem , that's why for me shrins are mostly scammers better to bust your money in a casino lol
  3. Would be so great if some A.I is developed like an enhanced dice bot , which will combine human intelligence and calculation power of bots.
  4. I don't focus much on VIP rank to be honest, i play to make profit then if i had a nice run it's good for my wager but it's not my priority.
  5. Sport is the best way to lose weight , healthy food as well , and you need to avoid eating after 6 pm or at least just something light..
  6. Off course @UltraChief, only contributors could make this forum great, by providing quality content and posting some creative and catchy topics.
  7. Hello my fellow gamblers! Every gambler has its own style i guess, some are addicted to YOLO or to random bets, others stick to a defined strategy , some are slow , others slow and fast..Well you got it, there are plenty of way of betting and different styles, how about your style, how would you describe your style of gambling in few words, no need to tell me about your strats, but more about yourself...
  8. Yes when you lucky you got nice greens obviously, however what matters is quality and not quantity of greens
  9. Sometimes it's good to be stone while you gamble , it's relaxing and gives you some inspiration, however it's not so good for focusing and managing your bankroll, so better to be even more careful when you smoke weed, you could bust even without knowing what happened lol
  10. I noticed too that activity in pd forum is decreasing day by day, i think that it is due to a lack of creativity of its users, when you see almost same topics and questions it's not so motivating to post or reply.
  11. In general i play fast, but rushing isn't the best way to win off course, now i try to play slower, and more efficiently, no fast betting but fast profit.