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  1. MrNice23

    PD promotion?

    I heard about a new promotion but haven't received it yet.... Edit: My bad i did receive this promo but find it in spam folder
  2. Agreed source, friend list is a total mess in its actual layout, it would be nice to organize it
  3. Thanks for the suggestion , i already suggested it past year but the numbers of french speaking chatters wasn't enough to make a chat room, hopefully this year we will be enough to have that in pd or at least a french section in forum
  4. Oh never had that issue mine is secure , but yeah maybe from some places it's not.
  5. MrNice23

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    Yeah sure i did introduce BTC and crypto-sphere to my family members as they are pretty open minded they liked it and have nothing against investing in it. I have to admitt i'm preaching for Bitcoin acceptance and tolerance for years now , i started with my family members , gf , friends and now i'm aiming at pushing things forward in my country
  6. MrNice23

    PD invaded by Bots ?

    Actually we are making a list of those suspicious users or bots to report them but as said Zoltan it would be hard to eradicate them all since they always back with new acounts.....
  7. Aren't you talking about total wager if yes, check my stats since i spent my whole gambling career in PD or at least most of it
  8. I and some other players noticed lately that PD has been invaded by bots spamming chat with same phrases in order to get some rains. I think that issue should be taken seriously and fixed as soon as possible. Alright i have some Screen Shots to prove what i'm saying! Thanks!
  9. MrNice23

    What will you do when you win big

    If i win big i will invest a part in trading , cash out a part to buy a new laptop and the rest will go to the bank
  10. In my opinion addiction is not about how much you lost in a period of time but is about of how much time you spend gambling if's daily or not.
  11. MrNice23

    My Gambling is so good

    Can you describe your strat please ? The screen shot you posted is no longer available so would be nice if you describe it in comments thanks
  12. MrNice23

    Favorite gambling game

    Beside playing dice my favorite game is Poker for sure , especially because you can play against other players.
  13. MrNice23

    A trick to improve your performance

    Yeah indeed this a great idea @Xantys, i would do that if i wasn't lazy haha but maybe i should do it to improve my gambling thanks man!
  14. I'm very comfortable with the new minimum withdrawal amounts. For BTC and Doge it was pretty high now is perfect thanks @Edward and all PD staff
  15. Btc tip amount and Ltc's one are reasonable, but for Doge, Bch and Eth it's pretty high in my opinion.