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  1. I've been thinking about this feature , and actually maybe it should be better to get a daily amount which is all boost cumulated, instead of claiming it each hour, it would be better i guess. However i'm not sure this is interesting for primedice owners...
  2. I guess the boost feature is only available for Gold VIPs and Platinum , not sure tho , you need to contact support to get more details.
  3. Same shit i would make it positive 0000000 so reverse or not i would bust anyways
  4. I would change my name to Mr Mawhinney to always remember my old grandpa, i miss him so much 😢
  5. Pretty sure i would reach my target and very fast, so easy to get reds lol
  6. Let's talk about Boost feature my PDicers friends! If you don't know what is this boost feature , well you can define it as the "new faucet" , but in my opinion it's better than our old faucets. So the boost can be claimed each hour and is available for VIPs exclusively (not sure if it is available for all VIPs level tho) and what is good about this feature is that you can add it to your balance that's why it's not a faucet but a boost to help you in case you need more ammo to fight against the "reds". Well in my opinion i think this new feature called boost is really helping even if it's not easy to maintain same level each week , but it's better than nothing. Your thoughts about the Boost feature and how it could be improved ?
  7. I think gambling can be a choice when you do it for fun , when you can afford what you lose , but when the game is invading your life and become an obsession, at that point we can talk about compulsion and this is addiction.
  8. If i was owner , i would always try innovate , adding new features and why not giving the chance to users to invest in Primedice.
  9. Your last sentence is really interesting @hudost2, when you say that "life is a fractal", my question is do you really think you can control your life if it's like a fractal , i mean in life you can plan some things , you can also manage them , but there are some things that are out of our control , like for e.g an accident , or a market crash that you wouldn't have expected or death , who can expect those events? So in my opinion to have a real control of your life is just an illusion , actually nothing is under control...
  10. I prefer to play dice in PD , in my opinion it's more pro than stake ones , or maybe it is just me , i feel more comfortable when i play dice in pd , i'm used to it.
  11. It's a great feature , now you can check your level progress, it's challenging and motivating , at least now you know that your wager counts. However it would be even better , if it was more precise , like how much you need to wager more to reach the next level.
  12. When i start a session in Primedice, i need a quiet environment, so most of the time i play at night. Sometimes i put some music , but it has to be not so aggressive , otherwise i tend to follow the tempo and that way i will bust very fast haha.
  13. My largest one was something like 45k. In general, i don't like to write when i have like nothing interesting to express , i write for pleasure...not for pennies