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  1. Totally agreed @sourc3code, if Primedice create its own coin it will replace the real coins so instead playing with BTC or ETH, we gonna spend our time trying to make some PDcoins in order to convert them into coins who has a real value in the crypto market. Well that's one the reasons i don't play in such sites like Bitsler, lucky games for e.g
  2. In my opinion, Marijuana should be legalized, some countries legalized it like Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay and many states in USA. i think they took the right decision, Cannabis isn't only a recreative drug but it's also a nice way to to treat persons suffering from some diseases like migraines, backache, rheumatisms and more. Added to that it's a way to improve the quality of the product, it's better to buy a pure and clean marijuana than buying it in streets from dealers who melt it with some other toxic substances, plus it's very interesting for the country economy.
  3. As i said, i cancelled my challenge, i stopped at 0.002 btc and this the proof, you can read the date and details in the screenshot below.
  4. Do you have an official announcement on btc talk? If you do, i would like to check it, thanks
  5. Well i don't think so Primedice will close soon , even tho some features have been removed. However as a vet player i'm not satisfied about how things are in Primedice lately. First of all, i think it's pretty unfair that PD players has more benefits than us, secondly i'm wondering why devs are not taking care of the numerous bugs in site especially pms notifications, in my opinion if a site considered as the best crypto-gambling dice is not able to fix these bugs, competitors are here to catch disappointed players... Let's hope Primedice will react and do its best to solve those issues.
  6. Seems to be an interesting altcoin, i need to dig more into it especially because it's minable so why not giving it a chance.
  7. I don't understand why Primedice asking us for our phone number to secure our account, if we already have 2FA. does it mean that 2fa is not enough for our account security i'm wondering...
  8. Bronze level was easy to reach, then i reached silver and gold in like 3 days, i was winning big so it was pretty fast, now I'm aiming for Platinum level, and is not as fast as to reach other levels....
  9. Actually i cancelled my challenge for now, i've reached around 0.002 btc from 17k sats (0.00017 btc) i will provide you screenshots ofc.
  10. I announce officially my first challenge in Primedice even tho i always challenged myself but this one will be public. So for this first challenge my goal is to reach 500k sats from 17k sat. Well not so easy but not impossible i've made much more by the past , so why not trying whatever i bust or not at least i will do my best to reach this goal! let's see what the odds are cookin!
  11. i almost never feel bored when i'm running cuz i rarely play with low amounts even tho i experiment new strats, if i gamble is because i have fun doing it and if i can make cash well that's even better.
  12. i'm almost always online, i work online , i chat with my friends , and i'm also logged in primedice , so yeah i'm almost always logged in even if i don't play 24/24h i'm never far from Primedice.