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  1. Very Interesting study about the new uses that can be developed thanks to "Blockchain Technology", environmental projects to protect and manage earth resources could revolutionize the way we do it currently.
  2. MrNice23

    Linzhi Announces Ethereum ASIC Miner

    Totally Agreed Mr Kargai, talk is cheap, let's wait for serious reviews of that new ETH Miner.
  3. Wow ! Another great News for Stellar, this cryptocurrency is definitely on my watch list! Thanks Kargai for keeping us up to date about it!
  4. Great Idea Kouki! However it's not that easy find trusted people, i can help you for that , i know most of players and their alts in Primedice. Good luck!
  5. Well, kinda hard challenge , let's try it , good luck to me!
  6. MrNice23

    My PD Anniversary. 😎πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

    Happy Birthday dmbadillo , wish you all the best!
  7. Thanks my bro Kouki for this awesome Tribute !! I'm aLmost famous
  8. I don't think nubs can affect like that the market.. 1k$ drop is kinda big, i think it could be some whales who just exit to get their cash..
  9. MrNice23

    New swe guy here

    Hello @The Grandpa and welcome to Primedice forum, i hope you enjoy your stay here
  10. Great news for Stellar and for cryptos in general that a huge company like IBM is getting involved !
  11. MrNice23

    Boomerang Or Fly-FIshing .. Beggars Technique

    Yeah i know some about that "Fly Fishing" technique , since i received some tips when i was High Rolling with my alt account lol , funny tho! i just kept tips for me hahah..
  12. MrNice23

    Funny Chat Moments

    No comment
  13. My default multiplier is 9x , i play sometimes 10x , 11x and 99x. #HighPayouts4ever
  14. Yes i heard that, good news for those coins, i really like ADA and Zcash!
  15. Good job @moisesolivar , maybe i will give a try , i never got lucky with auto betting tho.