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  1. I love to chat especially in Primedice because we find a nice diversity of users , from all over the planet with different cultures so it's always a pleasure for me to discuss and exchange our point of views......
  2. I agree @Bimfo in that point, gambling is not a business , gambling is a risk , you never know when you will get busted , long run strats are very risky in my opinion
  3. In General i'm against regulation in crytpo market , the fact is not regulated is what makes it attractfull for the people. However for ICOs maybe some regulation would be needed to avoid exitscams...
  4. It is nice story to make us dream , i don't want to be a "joykiller' but we know well that happens to 0.00001% of gamblers lol. Majority of players/gamblers lose more they win , please be realistic and try to find other ways to earn money...
  5. Well i like to use the forum to share my ideas , feelings , i think it's a good way to keep on track with primedice news , announcements and challenges...
  6. I think greed is relative , if you have deposit like 100$ and you want to double it , i don't think so this so greedy.. I think you should cashout when you happy , satisfied with your winnings , if you go on playing even if you reached the satisfaction point then you're in the greed zone and this can be very risky for your balance..
  7. My Biggest deposit was around 5 btc when btc price was 1k USD which i busted, since then i've never deposit such big amount . Maximum amount since that bust was around 0.5 btc...
  8. if you want to increase bet speed you need to use dicebot , pd has not this feature yet....
  9. If i was eddie , i would tip ya only for this beautiful poem Nice one bro!
  10. I think eddie sent you your deposit from Pd hot wallet then he will have it back when it arrives, it's simple as that i guess 😛
  11. Hello @ethsawin, the game for VIPs was called "The Hunger Games" lol. Indeed there are some games like trivias and roll hunts but we need some more games to make chat more fun, let's hope admins will think about it
  12. Sure i would love to watch @Edward gambling and busting in his own site
  13. Haha funny topic , well eddie looks like a cool guy , smart and with a lot of charisma
  14. Hello Eddie first of all Happy birthday to Primedice , my question for you is how this great adventure has began , i really want to know how you get that idea and how much was your strating budget thanks