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  1. When typing a message, especially on mobile, if you accidentally hit 'enter' it sends the message instaad of creating a new line. Since the enter key is right below the enter key this can lead to accidental messages being sent or incomplete messages being global when one was just attempting to change what has already been typed.
  2. I think it would be nice to have a stop on next win button, if I have autobet or am running strategies, it would be nice to have a button that just stops the bets on the next win. I am aware in strategies there is a condition for that but you need to stop the betting, add the condition, then continue betting. Would be a nice little improvement to make it smoother and less annoying. I also would like the "Delete Strategy" and "Edit Strategy" buttons to be further away from each other, I've accidentally clicked the delete button a few time when trying to edit.