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  1. 87.79 that is it right? Bet: 90,636,849,506 placed by taiful on 24/05/2021 Wagered 0.56000000 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 3.92180880
  2. yeah i would buy a ticket daily and would have forget about it. maybe one day,,one day.......
  3. last year,,in luckygames io,, i used to olay with doge coin,,i had doge equivalent ,,that time one doge was 0.001 or something like that haha
  4. i read all the story and it was really nice.. peace
  5. i will try but with zero basebet...it is an intelligent idea,, isn't it?
  6. when someone is playing in desktop,,he will see chatbox and so many things..he may be distracted
  7. there are so many new casino sites on internet,,, most of them vanish after few minutes and users lose all their money but primedice is the oldest one and the best.
  8. first of all,, don't invest bigger amount if you can not afford it..
  9. How someone can feel safe in a casino? he can lose all his money in a minute here!