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  1. Bet: 90,624,820,350 placed by vromon on 23/05/2021 Wagered 0.51600000 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 3.61366668
  2. yeah i think so..Because most of us can not leave this addiction easily. Once we are entered here,,we are always fond of making some profit.
  3. I think you are both gambler and player at a time.
  4. what if people lose money in this bad time?
  5. But I never got anything till now..Really bad luck
  6. I am watching a Turkish tv series on my tv with family .
  7. Most of time,,i wake up at noon and directly take my lunch haha
  8. don't deposit all of your savings.
  9. vromon

    Question Of The Day

    i can live without all of them..I just need my girlfriend because i can live with her without doing any sex
  10. vromon

    Egg or Chicken

    scientifically it is egg,,
  11. vromon

    Plans for 2021? 😊

    not to be in love...i am sick and tired