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  1. Bet: 90,607,813,789 placed by pappuu on 23/05/2021 Wagered 0.50120000 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 3.51001888
  2. yeah obviously i will like it.. Who can say,, maybe i would be the winner lol
  3. few days ago a man won 1900x and primedice shared that in twitter. those are really living legends. damn it! I can not win 2x let alone 9900x
  4. there is so much nudity. I don't like it .
  5. yeah it is running since many years but my bad luck is that i am here from last two days.
  6. I wanna be a millionaire by winning the jackpot of PD
  7. i don't think it will be good for primedice.users will move from here then.
  8. Nice explanation my friend.Will keep it my mind for a long term.
  9. Yeah we got more time for thinking and for placing our bets due to the quarantine
  10. If someone wins,,from where the team will fund him? It is near 4.5 million usd oh my God. about half billion in my native currency.
  11. we should keep attention at the time of first linking.