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  1. Bet: 90,434,568,125 placed by folern on 20/05/2021 Wagered 0.00015655 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00109636
  2. Those gambling make rich are quite few. We got to take a shot though
  3. I will have to observe all this when I get a computer
  4. Folern

    Gender equality

    Women have equal right as men. Gender equality shouldn't be a hindrance to our development and growth. Whoever is capable to take us to the next level be it male or female, should literally take the lead
  5. Burial for me is a go. Cremation. No way
  6. I am very scared of rats. I will literally move out of an apartment because of it
  7. As long as I am with my family. The location doesn't really matter
  8. Marvel rocks. But I still have space for DC
  9. Am scared of being poor
  10. I go all the way in and not border my self about strategies