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  1. Bet: 90,434,030,101 placed by amedg on 20/05/2021 Wagered 0.00015500 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00108550
  2. Create content that people want to see.
  3. Snakes and every creeping thing
  4. With the whole of my heart I believe
  5. Gambling has a spirit. It will ruin your life without you knowing it. So do your best to avoid it
  6. amedg

    If you are rich

    When am rich. I will build a connection between the earth and the moon.
  7. amedg

    Cat or dog?

    Dog. Now and always
  8. amedg

    Marvel Heroes

    Every generation have something new. Ours might be hilarious to the next generation
  9. It's gives a nice feeling to have that personal experience. Soon, very soon
  10. Am not a citizen. But will love to visit some day
  11. I can't go a day without weed. But now am on rehab
  12. Eating brake fast is very important to the body and mind also.