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  1. Bet: 90,446,764,235 placed by Neyong on 20/05/2021 Wagered 0.00016849 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00117997
  2. Congrats, even if it’s in the past. I don’t think that I would have done any different. I’ll say you made a good choice.
  3. Wow, wouldn’t that have been great if you atleast staked something?
  4. Nothing yet for, I just joined. But hope to share some good news later on.
  5. This this will only make me want to gamble more, with the hope that this type of luck hits me too.
  6. I haven’t started winning yet but I hope to be satisfied when I start making good profit.
  7. Neyong


    Hello Dawg, and welcome. I wonder who’s going to welcome me too.😂
  8. I do not see the possibility of that, not with the constant misuse of power and fight for supremacy.
  9. Neyong

    Hello, friends ♥

    Hello Damjan, how’re you doing?
  10. Welcome Nik, looking forward to having a great time with you around.
  11. Yeah, and also stay positive that everything will be alright.