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  1. Bet: 90,425,203,350 placed by finlet on 20/05/2021 Wagered 0.00015231 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00106666
  2. Was a me to search about the white pepper of Doge Coin and I believe the coin is here to stay might not be as influenced as Bitcoin but Doge would climb above 1 dollars soon enough
  3. I always used to feel depressed but u cake over a particular speech and it saved me alot. Now do you have a problem. Yes Can you do something about it yes. Why worry? Do you have a problem Yes Can you do something about it No. Then why worry. Cause worrying would never solve anything. Just a way for you to waste more time and energy.
  4. Frankie

    Dragonball super

    Dragon Ball super happens to be one of the best shows ever. With the introduction of a few characters such as beerus whiz and lots of other gods from other universe. We got to know that Goku isn't even close to been powerful. The super brings a new power for Goku which makes hm master ultra instinct. A state even the gods find it difficult to achieve
  5. Can't say for sure but oceans remains the best. But my best guess would be focus by will smith
  6. Best thing Netflix ever did was taking over Lucifer series
  7. Best sex was when I was 18 well she was above 25 but the sex was super good. She rode me like a honey tiger and made me feel like I was actually doing something. Get moan were oh my goooh. Out of this world
  8. Join the club man my greatest fear is not been successful in life
  9. Best part is I can't really talk about it cause it would be a joke. Working as a security man in a mall in Nigeria is quite the job. You get to recieve insults of the highest order and swallow many insults from spoilt brats. Well working in spar has taught me alot. Humans are extremely funny and unpredictable imagine a lady pouring her drink on me cause I wanted to check her items . My dear let's leave matters for Mathias abeg
  10. For all the people mentioning Lilith she was never a person to begin with. That is what you guys should knw lilth was in some cases seen as a demon while others an angel. But the first woman in the Bible is definitely eve
  11. Well as unfortunate as mine is my president is mohammadu buhari. If you think your having a hard time in life then try having him as a president.
  12. Honestly times have shown us that world peace is not possible even in the Bible the battle for supremecy has been fought in today's world many country want to be rated number one. So as long as the greed in human nature continue then world peace is not possible
  13. Frankie

    Gender equality

    I think it's not fair to raise the issue if gender equality, cause most times woman are been over protected. Most times women have been crying for the gender equality but can't keep it together themselves. A woman can slap a man and get away with it in the society but if a man should try it everybody would call him a woman beater. Women are mostly treated fairly than men. In the army to be precise women are always favoured after men so I should say that woman are been treated almost if not more better off than men