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  1. 9900x is the magic portal that can be opened at any point of time 😁..sometimes this door can be unlocked after 24 bets and sometimes....you know that...it may take many thousand rolls. But if you really wanna hunt this number, you should come out with a strategy (test yourself)....in my case..I never made any profit from 9900 hit....it just visits me sometimes..says hello to me and goes away..I don't mind 😁
  2. Whenever I cash out my winnings, I become super happy..I think of many things to do with the money...but at last I end up making deposit again and lose all. Does this happens to you guys? What do you do to make sure that the winning money is safe??
  3. Bet: 97,444,395,988 placed by G418ran on 20/09/2021 Wagered 0.00019000 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00190000
  4. Everytime I manage to reach the minimum withdrawal limit, I hesitate to withdraw it. The winning makes me want to go on and make the balance bigger...but at last I end up losing all during the process...at that time only I think "gosh...i should have made the withdrawal"..but its too late by then..greedy fool 😋 Does this happen to ya all...
  5. Yep...I managed to increase my balance few times while I was drunk...in fact when we are drunk, our fear goes aways and we bet without any hesitation...but needless to say..i lost all after few rounds lol
  6. yep, same here...when I left with no money..I feel like a great relief ....no more headache haha 😁
  7. Bet: 97,232,288,231 placed by G418ran on 16/09/2021 Wagered 0.00016000 Multiplier 111.24x Profit 0.01763775
  8. I will buy my parrents a nice home...car.. and charity of course will be my priority
  9. haha...yeah bro..it feels so nice if you actually bet something hoping for 9900...glad that you hit it on your b'day...my case was different...never expected 99.99 after 5 bets..so i was pre-rolling actually...as soon as it hit ...lol i was lost 😁😁
  10. Bet: 96,817,364,643 placed by G418ran on 07/09/2021 Wagered 0.30000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 1.50000000 Bet: 96,817,363,826 placed by G418ran on 07/09/2021 Wagered 0.30000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 1.50000000
  11. 98.81 Bet: 96,555,637,177 placed by G418ran on 01/09/2021 Wagered 0.30000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 0.90000000
  12. 19 reds on 2x....i was so confident at 9th bet and bet all $100....well more 12 red was on the line lol
  13. welcome joya,..best wishes
  14. I am still not sure how many red comes in before a single green 9900x appears....sometimes 25k or more red and sometimes 5 red.
  15. Lol, I am bronze and I can tell you that I have made losses way more than the level up bonus. I guess same thing applies to other levels too...be it silver, gold or diamond. If you are making big losses while trying to reach a level, definitely not worth it.