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  1. Investment Group - CSGO Trading What is CSGO Trading? Counter Strike: Global Offensive, an online tactic shooter game pusblished first in 2012, offers a variety of skins. Skins are ingame items which change the design of your ingame weapons. You can get those skins by playing the game or opening dropped crates with keys you have to buy. Those skins are very valuable and reach from 0.01$ to more than 300.000$ (Actually the rarest Item ever sold in CSGO History - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhPl8W62LbI ). Also they are avaible in different conditions (Factory New- Minimal Wear- Field Tested- Well-Worn- Battle Scarred) the best is Factory New (short is FN) because it got a very clean look worst is Battle Scarred (short is BS) because it got scratches or is darker The actual point in trading them is that many players are willing to pay an incredible amount of money for rare or unique skins. So If I for example got a rare AK-47 Fire Serpent with an actual good float and I find a player in the steamcommunity (due to trading groups or sites like csgolounge.com) who wants this skin he is probably willing to pay a few dollars more. It is even more interesting for the Player who wants to buy the Skin, when the Skin got Stickers on it (You can apply some different stickers ingame) that make the skin look better. It is actually very important to get the right pricing for this I am personally using csgostash.com or opskins.com 7-day average. Example: I got the Karambit Tiger Tooth (Condition: Factory New) priced by csgostash.com (19.11.2017) about 344,98€ ~ 406,78$ My trading partner got a few smaller Skins but wants the Karambit so he offers me for example an AK-47 Fire Serpent (Condition: Minimal Wear) priced around 240,90€ ~ 284,06$ and he also got a Flip Knife Slaughter (Condition: Field-Tested) priced around 110,51€ ~ 130,31$ and is willing to trade booth items for my Karambit. Calculation is now // 240,90+110,51 = 351,41€ // 351,41 (Price of his Items) - 344,98 (Price of my Karambit) = +6,43€ // This means I would profit ~6.43€ with a single trade. You can trade as often a day as you want but you need time to find the right buyer and to look for great offers out there. Also you are in need of a big budget as if you only trade in 10$/20$ ranges you are making profit way slower than in high priced item ranges. What am I offering? To get into high price ranges I need to build a bigger budget. For that I will use your investment money and get more trading profit each trade. You can now make money when I am paying every Sunday (Weekly) a share of the profit back to my investors. Investment Plans: Please notice that I will not be able to make you rich in one day and that this is a really safe method to earn money so I would not be able to pay you guys 10-20% interest a day as it would be only possible with scamming to pay those rates. This is a legit thing and because of that I will be paying every week 3.45% Interest of the base amount of invested money. I am willing to open a new thread where I will post publically the amount invested and the amount paid back. The bitcoins invested will be changed to USD currency from the blockchain.info market price! Example: If I am investing 0.01 Bitcoin right now (BTC Price is: 7751.48$) the amount invested will be 77.5148$ so with the 3.45% interest weekly I would get 77.5148 x 0.0345 = 2.6742606 so the weekly return will be 2.6742606$ (paid by the actual BTC price in the moment I am paying out). After 1 month I would have 2.6742606 x 4 = 10.698$. I know that this is not a sum to get rich but it is a nice earning machine there. If the trading is extremely sucessfull I will increase the interest of course. Why is this the best method and why are you not paying 3.45% Interest of the BTC amount? It is the best method because the money is safe. I will only accept trades where I make money and never where I loose money. Also if the bitcoin falls down in price you will not loose any money as I dont have those bitcoins in this moment and as I am trading in USD currency. That is also the reason why I am calculating the invested amount into USD because if the bitcoin price rises up a few hundred bucks I would be loosing tons of money as I have the skins in that moment and not the btc amount. What are the minimum Investment offerings and how are you gonna pay me back? The minimum investment amount will be 0.004 BTC as I am gonna loose alot of fee costs If I am starting the offering lower. You can either choose If I should pay you back with the stake.com tipping function or paying to an individual BTC adress. (An individual transaction fee of 0.00025 will be held when withdrawing the money to a private adress) If I will be in vacations or unavaible for a few days I will be notifying you about the delayed pay or I will even pay a few days earlier. There is no maximum Investment and if you are interested to invest a large sum message me about a slightly improved interest rate up to 4.75%/Weekly If you are interested just leave a message below or post into my private message box here! also check here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/2423-investment-weekly-earning-345-interest/ Happy Earnings! coolpens
  2. Wrong Category go to Introductions there you can find help !
  3. Welcome to stake my man! Hope you are doing well here and having alot of fun!
  4. Welcome to the Forum and to Primedice I love LoL and CS:GO aswell
  5. Sleepless (7am here didnt sleep)
  6. Username: Jafu29Twitch Thanks Edward
  7. A few months ago I had a depo of .05 and I ripped all within few minutes very unlucky there. Since then waiting for new money to come thru.
  8. My post explaining got also just deleted and the topic closed. Probably by Dan. Primedice should change deleting posts permissions.
  9. Username: Jafu29Twitch Joined date: 09.12.2016
  10. To be clear it is not an alt It is a family member and I asked before If this is okay. They said yes.
  11. username: Jafu29Twitch date: 13.07.2017 13:33:37
  12. I ripped about 0.13 in about one year of betting so I guess it is fine. Maybe will come back soon
  13. Dude you know what you could have done with 0.55 I would have bought myself a new PC lmao
  14. Yeah man wow. Congratulations on taking that Step. Keep it up. coolpens
  15. Username: Jafu29Twitch Thanks for the giveaway!
  16. Just get yourself a fitness program which gets you some days where you can relax and stay fit with swimming for example and some days where you have to train hard. All in all you can have a perfect shape if you are training hard enough Never give up! coolpens
  17. So, I was away like one or two months as I had no time for primedice and forum things. Now I came back and I am so god damn impressed. One thing to the primedice crew: YOU HAVE DONE GREAT! Just wanted to say thanks for your effort. I am glad that people like you exist who constantly work to make the site better for their users. Keep it up! coolpens
  18. Hello guys, I was in vacation for some days came back and wanted to start out a chilled stream as usual. I noticed that some things have seriously changed. First of all I think that streaming was a really good thing and alot of you guys participated and started building up a streaming label for primedice. Now that some streamers (some are really good like Caroll, Yash ...) builded that up the payouts where going down the first time from 0.01 to 0.005 (for more than 10 viewers) I think that was quite a good move because 0.01 was really too much for an hour by a btc price of 2500$+ [did not complain on that one] Now I came back and see that you are only paying 0.005 if you reach an average of 25+ viewers. Now I have to start complain. I personally think that alot of my streams were some of the best quality streams primedice had. But I still only got up to 30 viewers once. I did alot of giveaways on that day and was in a good mood. Normally I had like 20-25 viewers at average. I dont think that you are able to get constantly interested viewers for every stream and reach more than 25 viewers in every stream! I mean like if you are good and have some nice giveaways going you still will get nice viewer counts but to make giveaway you have to spend some money. And if you only earn like 0.005 per hour and (to have a good stream in my opinion) give away 250k per hour to the stream you will only make 0.0025 per hour. If you are unlucky then and loose some of your main balance you may even will get in the negative while tryna make promotion for primedice. I do think that alot of streamers will end their services soon because it just will not pay off for them. I think like if you are still on an average of 10 viewers + (which is good to reach when you got a good quality stream) it should be paid anyways. If you do not lower the requirements again most of the streamers will use (some already did) streambots and get lots of views but the site [YOU] primedice will not have any benefit from it. I understand that you can not pay everyone [most streams I personally saw were quite shitty no microfone and small balance streams] but then you maybe should get a programm where you only choose up to 10 Streamers that will really pay off for you because they can stream nice sheduled and get nice interesting content in instead of getting alot of shitty streamers who just want to make some fast money with streaming from you! This is just my opinion I do not attack anyone with this but I think that streaming will die soon if it is not regulated. Also you should hire a few managers which are able to view the live streams and say if they got like 100 viewers but only 10 of them writing (then they are probably viewbotting) and which can rate the quality over all. Thanks for hearing my opinion I will tag some of you below because it is an important topic for me! coolpens Edward[/member] MICRO[/member] Thugstream[/member] Carollzinha[/member] YashBitCoin[/member] Soldier1943[/member] OlegBarca[/member] Kristoffff[/member] Cordiceps[/member] Milan[/member] @JstLikeMagyk Danica22[/member] @Hersix @ampula EDIT: Just saw that MICRO[/member] posted an explanation in the thread gambling streaming where he says that they are trying to get some more professional streamers in there so my thread has no point.
  19. I would still use it aswell because it is an great experience and you are able to share each others activities and stuff like that! Definitely! coolpens
  20. I just reported all his recent posts as spam so they get removed! We can also judge by giving minus reputation!
  21. Hello Guys, as you know this forum have a massive problem with spammers. As the Mods and Admins of this site cannot be here checking everything 24/7 we should help them out! Just post the link to a profile If you think the person is just spamming useless things or writing 2 word nonsence comments! Let us make this Forum great again! So the mods can just go on here and view all the new ''spaming'' profiles! First one to start it off: https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?action=profile;u=2132 [always check the recent posts] if there is one comment or two which are short no problem! But if they only have comments like this guy post his profile here so he will not earn money with spamming! Thanks to everyone helping! coolpens