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  1. Welcome to stake my man! Hope you are doing well here and having alot of fun!
  2. Welcome to the Forum and to Primedice I love LoL and CS:GO aswell
  3. Sleepless (7am here didnt sleep)
  4. Username: Jafu29Twitch Thanks Edward
  5. A few months ago I had a depo of .05 and I ripped all within few minutes very unlucky there. Since then waiting for new money to come thru.
  6. My post explaining got also just deleted and the topic closed. Probably by Dan. Primedice should change deleting posts permissions.
  7. Username: Jafu29Twitch Joined date: 09.12.2016
  8. To be clear it is not an alt It is a family member and I asked before If this is okay. They said yes.
  9. username: Jafu29Twitch date: 13.07.2017 13:33:37
  10. I ripped about 0.13 in about one year of betting so I guess it is fine. Maybe will come back soon
  11. Dude you know what you could have done with 0.55 I would have bought myself a new PC lmao