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  1. Ako nag take ng risk. Bago mag aug 1 binili ko ng ibang altcoins yung btc ko. Sobrang down kase ng market nakakatuwa bumili. Kaya ngayon profit na Hahahaha
  2. Pd is way better than bitsler
  3. kimpotxx


    Hello. Welcome to the forum. goodluck
  4. kimpotxx

    hit 9900x

    Congrats sis. Wow. So much luck.
  5. Good decision to stop and withdraw.. congrats keep it up
  6. Poloniex. It has low fee 10k sats per transaction. I try to depo to PD from poloniex and within minutes I got my depo. Then I withdraw on PD to Polo. I dont got any problem with it. Its like instant.
  7. Lage din ako nabubust pag mababa payout na ginagamit kong strat. Hahaha malas
  8. kimpotxx


    I joined in their bountg campaign too. I read it will be listed on bittrex so maybe it will success. Well. Hoping
  9. I bet the creator of this site loves kpop. ?
  10. Nice hit from faucet bloomy. ☺
  11. Username : kimpotxx Joined Date : 03.05.2017
  12. I agree. Btc for sure. Its like brain of crypto. ?