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  1. shinjo 77 stream!!! Good luck and keep up the good work.. Thanks.. stake: vroxt PD: misvroxt
  2. Username: misvroxt Join date: 01.27.2017
  3. 4-2 Madrid win Username misvroxt Thnx...
  4. Nice streaming bitcoinmnr.. No one left behind... Thnx and goodluck... misvroxt username
  5. Hi shinjo, nice to be back on stream. Goodluck... Username misvroxt
  6. Its nice to watching you again again and again.. Good luck.. Good health.. Good ...
  7. This my 2nd to join.. I hope I'm gonna win this time... Thnx ... Username misvroxt
  8. Hi your new on twitch world.. I'm gonnA support you men. And good luck. Pd name misvroxt Thnx ...
  9. I want to your wild game. Because awwwooooo, I'm also animal.. Thnx wolf