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  1. Heya! There is a new giveaway on Wheel99. 500 bits or 50k sats This is for MEMBER and above rank only on bitcointalk. Here is the link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2076695.new#new Just post your username. https://wheel99.com/?ref=Bes19 - link of the site Giveaway just started today. Good luck
  2. lolol i akso do that everytime i bust lol I have regrets after i bust then tell myself how greedy i was lol
  3. I wish we could all hit it lolol But it's like .3% chance of hitting it twice in a row. Did someone really got it?
  4. I hit 32.11 twice in a row but 77.77 is a different story though
  5. I thought it is just 1,10 and the whole thing. Maybe it was just an error coz someone will probably post it here since he or she is the first ever winner. Hmmm 77.77 in a row he/she must be very very very lucky.
  6. Bes19

    Hello~ =^-^=

    Heya! Welcome to the forum my fellow kababayan. Don't forget to read and follow the rules Good luck on your bets and have fun here
  7. Oo sis much better na din upgrade na lang din para walang limit
  8. Yeah Youth today is really different from the people who was born on 80's and 90's lol They are more gullible and reckless. Nowadays, Even a 11 or 12 yr old kid has a boyfriend or girlfriend While me i used to play "Chinese garter" when i was 12 lolol I guess technology has a massive impact on this!
  9. Ano ba name mo sa fb? Saka sa twitter sis padamihin mo followers mo para makasali ka twitter campaign hehe
  10. gc ng bounties ba yan? Cge para magkaron ako ng idea sa mga pwedeng salihan na bounty. Thank you
  11. yay congrats sis! sali ka na sig campaign hehe nagsawa na ko sa faucet ang tagal kasi kumita lol Wow ang dami! ako 3 pa lang bounty campaign ko. good luck
  12. Everyone needs to be vigilant coz scammers are just around the corner. China has the highest chance of scamming people (not judging them but i knew some of their fake ICO).
  13. Well same thing happened on 18th billion lol Their bets was lower than 100 sats so i'm sure they have no idea about the giveaway coz they might not be a member of the forum. By the way, who won on guessing the date and time?
  14. Bet should be minimum of 100 satoshi Too bad my roll was laggy as sh*t It was like 10 seconds delay but congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to 20 billion hihi
  15. Thank you for sharing that atleast everyone now has an idea about post limit. I just knew about it like a week ago and thankfully i never hit 40 in a day lol
  16. The world without God? There will be nothing. No living things would exist if there is no God.
  17. 30 activities sis. Ilan na ba activity mo? Hahahaha nung una ganyan din ako atat na atat pero don't worry sis worth it ang paghihintay hehe0
  18. wow sarap nun kung sakali! Congrats yes sis matagal talaga magparank sa btctalk pero worth it naman talaga pag higher rank ka na
  19. Bes19

    BTC rise ?

    Someone i know said that BTC will rise again up to $4000 before the end of this month and hopefully it will. Let's just hope for the best
  20. Yay! Grats ledust Thank you for all the giveaways <3 Road to 1000 members!
  21. You can try it even with 50k or 100k. It's just about luck though. You can hit on your 1st roll or last roll lol I got used on changing seeds whenever i get many reds on my current seed. And it's actually working on me. I hit greens or i hit 9900x whenever i change my seed
  22. Hey check! Thank you Yeah been lucky on hunting hehe Good luck 40k? I never been on that huge amount of rolls without hitting it. My strategy is i change seeds if i hit 200 or 300 rolls without hitting it and luckily i always get it after i change seed. I wish you a good luck
  23. There is no strategy on slots coz it's pure luck. I do love slot machines My only advice is if you win atleast double of your balance then stop. I think it is the first rule in gambling "Don't be greedy". Good luck
  24. What happened girl? You won Miss Forum and you deserve it. Don't mind the haters Cheer up!