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  1. Bes19

    bitcoin mining app

    I tried a mining site on where i have to pay for the miners fee something like that but it was a scam. Thank you and please share some legit mining app
  2. Yes i agree bible is rewritten and i believe that there is a God and JESUS. Religion is a very sensitive topic so that's all i can say lol I respect your beliefs though
  3. Thanks sis yes hopefully i could hit it again with higher bet hehe. Good luck too
  4. Bes19


    wow ang laki na ng sayo ah! Grats. Yes tama yan keep muna yung ina for the future
  5. I hold some of it and i used some to buy altcoins. I have my goal before i sell it and hopefully reach that goal.
  6. It never happen to me but it happened to my friend @ravenyvolle. I contacted support for her and i think they made a new password for her. Best thing to do is contact support and they'll definitely help you
  7. Bes19

    bitcoin mining app

    I didn't try another site since i got scammed from the first mining site that i've used. But let's see if this one will work. thanks for sharing
  8. Yes that is the best thing to do save it. I wish you a good luck and hope you win again
  9. Bes19

    bitcoin mining app

    Yeah it is all scam. I got scammed on one cloud mining. Thankfully it is not that much like .02 only. They are all scam!
  10. Wow that's awesome! Congrats I wish i could also reach my 1 btc goal lol So next goal would be 5 btc? Good luck
  11. It might be your pc coz i saw him with a blue heart before his name lol
  12. You can still register and i can tip you there Did you post on btctalk? Send a message on chat so i could tip you you need to increase your activity by posting. If you're a junior then i can just send you some to try the game i can send you sis so you could try the game
  13. Wow that's cool af! Would love to have that blue heart lolol I never knew that there is a meaning behind it
  14. Username: Bes19 Thank you eddy <3
  15. They really look like you especially tour daughter Nice photos sis ^^
  16. Nice photo sis Here is mine with my 6 yr old daughter not our best shot but i lost my old phone and we don't have much here on my new phone Well i am very proud of my kid She is amazing in her own way.
  17. I love both site but i stay on primedice everytime i want to play dice then go back on stake if i wanna play diamond poker, Mines or baccarat. But overall, i do love both site <3
  18. Hey guys if you posted on btctalk and haven't received your 500 bits please send a message on chatbox so i could send you. Thanks you
  19. I am always trying this lol but luckily i always hit it. Thank you Thank sis. Yeah i wish i could hit it like everyday lolol Good luck too
  20. Be patient and you'll hit it soon. Thanks You can hit it too just be patient. it normally comes up if you're not chasing it lol You'll hit it soon. I already hit it more than 10 times since i joined the site lol
  21. I don't think mababan yan dito. Pwede siguro gawin nila legal para may tax. Alam mo na sis maraming buwaya dito sa atin lol
  22. Thank you I'm trying to hit it again but this week is not my lucky week lol Good luck
  23. you're welcome and good luck Good luck sis. It's actually easier to win there just don't be greedy
  24. Lol there is no like captcha faucet but admin will tip you for a starter i'm not an admin lol yeah i see you posted on btctalk but the giveaway is for MEMBER and above. i'll just send you something so you could try the game
  25. nah They have a new giveaway today Just post your username on bitcointalk but this is only for MEMBER and above rank You will bet on the colors (navy blue, gray, green, blue, yellow, red). each color has their own multiplier. Just wait for the wheel to stop and if the arrow stop on the color thay you chose then you win