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    pera o itsura?

    hahahahahaha nung dalaga ako ganyan din ako sis. pag may nagiging bf ako tapos nakikita ko na obsessed sya saken inaayawan ko lol gusto ko ako yung nababaliw sa lalaki hahahaha
  2. for real? lol is there any technique to experience lucid dream? i really wanna try it lol
  3. isn't lucid dream a very dangerous act coz you might not get back on your body. I've read something like that before.
  4. I never have any experience with lucid dreaming but i had experience sleep paralysis whenever i am so stress and tired. It was actually scary af coz it feels like i am awake but i can't move my body and all i can hear is people murmuring though there is no people around me when i slept. Idk if it is sleep paralysis or whatever. I wanna try lucid dreaming but idk how lol
  5. Bes19


    oo sis naalala ko nung first time ko super lito talaga ko panay tanong sa inyo lol pero ngayon kahit 10 bounty campaign kering keri na hehe
  6. wow it is very detailed lol I've used this strategy twice, the first time was good but on my second try i bust all my balance. Thanks for sharing though
  7. I tried playing there but i got bored lol I tried using their faucet once then i bust and didn't come back on that site lol
  8. Wow you should've withdraw sis hehe The game was good too but you're right the communitt is dead af. Wow you should've withdraw sis hehe The game was good too but you're right the communitt is dead af.
  9. Bes19

    1BTC win

    Oo nga sis. Sana magkaron tayo ng business sosyo tayo nila mhai haha
  10. Bes19

    pera o itsura?

    Hahahahaha ako sis ndi naniniwala na natututunan ang pagmamahal. Para sa akin kusa na lang natin nararamdaman ang pagmamahal sa isang tao. char!
  11. I bought waves, clams, LSK and ripple. I bought clam and LSK way back when i was still new in crypto world. I'm planning to buy NEO and LTC soon.
  12. yes that's right! I thought mining like this is productive but i regret trying it lol
  13. I done it before and it is really not work it. It's just a waste on electricity lol
  14. It is actually unpredictable but you can observe in the crypto market and also read some blogs or articles about it.
  15. Because you're greedy and trying to win more and the result is your lose a lot. And when you will, you're trying to recover and the result is you lose even more and that's make a person addicted.
  16. Bes19

    1BTC win

    Korek sis. Magandang inegosyo yung may passion ka like for example magaling at hobby mo pagluluto then mag business ka ng canteen or something related sa food.
  17. LOLOLOL I believe every creation has it's unique value. And we live not only for sex This is like a kinky research
  18. Me too i'm a big fan of horror movies. Same i watched all conjuring movies, annabelle etc. Recenty i just watched the movie IT though it's not really scary but it was actually good.
  19. Marami pa rin bang active dyan sis? Kala ko wala na yan hehe Dati bluestacks din ako kaso lag rin sya saken
  20. Try mo sis yung Crasher RPG nakakaadik din talaga tapos buong ASIA pa ang sakop nila kaya makakalaro mo mga Asian especially indonesian hehe Dati adik ako sa Crashbandicoot haha
  21. Bes19

    Poker Apps?

    I tried a poker site but it's on facebook only lol Zynga poker and WSOP lolol
  22. Grats! That's very nice I have a very small faucet so idk if i can make it up to .01 lolol Keep it up!