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  1. Kamusta na lahat ng pinoy dito? Ang dami ng hindi active kasi busy na sa bounty at airdrop lol Advice ko lang mfa kapwa ko pilipino adikin nyo din yumg bounty at airdrop sa bitcointalk malaki talaga kitaan dun. Good luck sa ating lahat Poweeer!
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    Sis ang itype mo dun yung user id mo na makikita sa Profile>Forum profile info>click mo yung link ng browser may makikita ka 7 numbers. Yun ang user id mo. yup maganda nga po talaga. Tama sis haha
  3. Yeah phising sites are everywhere so be careful. Thank you for remindinng us Dan!
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    Sa mga may bitcointalk dito na nakaregister before August 22,2017 last chance nyo na para makasali sa POS airdrop. Ito yung link https://airdrop.postoken.org/?r=59cdd6d167 Grab nyo na yung chance habang mataas value ng POStoken.
  5. 5x is really risky but i don't really recommend changing sides on every 5 greens. Changing sides every 200-300k profit is better. Good luck
  6. You're welcome Yeah i made a very good profit with 9x and that is my favorite strat of all time lol
  7. That was my strategy when i was still new in PD but to be honest it is not that profitable or should i say a boring strat (no offense). You should try 9x with 300-500 bb sats and 20% on loss. Good luck xx
  8. Kailangan ang isusugal lang ay yung afford mong matalo para atleast hindi masyadong masakit sa kalooban lol Pero hanggat maaari kung kayang iwasan ang sugal iwasan na lang kasi masakit ulo pag talo
  9. Well Milan's suggestion is nice! Would love to be part of it
  10. Low payout strategies are not good. It will just wreck your balance. Risky strat is better! Try autobet 9x 300-500 sats bb then 20% on loss. Good luck
  11. Well it is really boring lol You should atleast try 9x with 300-500 sats bb and 20% on loss.
  12. Well he was arrogant but i still feel sorry for kakakaka123 lol 10 btc in one roll that'll the most horrible thing that could ever happen to any gambler
  13. Well i saw someone betting 10 btc like today and he lost :3 Payout is like 1.05x and it was red darn bad luck!
  14. I hit 9900x many times but my fastest was 4 rolls. I only bet 100 sats whenever i am hunting 9900x and so far i hit it more than 20 times
  15. That would be fun! a jackpot sound and a heart breaking sound lol
  16. 60 activities sis para maging member then 120 activities para maging full member
  17. Gawa ka account sa bitcointalk then magparank ka lang posting pero syempre dapat quality ang post para iwas ban. Pag atleast jr.member ka na dun ka pwede sumali campaigns.
  18. I.never use low payouts coz when you get red streak it will be hard to chase it. I prefer risky strat than this but good luck I wish you get 1 btc as what your name say
  19. yeah i remember GWAPOMAN who always insult filipinos but i think he was banned or something coz never seen him recently. Also daddy monsento is always a filipino enemy but we are all good now lol Hopefully everyone would get along and stop this childish act.
  20. Well it happens in any other site. Keyboard warriors are everywhere. I remember my first month on PD, they always insult filipinos but we didn't mind what they were saying about us. We just proved to them that they are wrong and happily we all get along now lol Just like what Irena said, report them or just ignore them.
  21. It is very important coz it helps a lot of people. Those who can't get a job is now earning because of bitcoin. There are lots of opportunity in crypto that can really help us especially on financial matter.
  22. Korek mga sis. Wag palampasin ang lahat ng giveaways lol Dito tayo kukuha ng puhunan pang sugal hahaha
  23. punishment is getting ban here in forum.
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    pera o itsura?

    Pangarap ko talaga mala Christian Grey hahahahaha yung mayaman, hot tapos wild lolol Mag aaround the world talaga ko mahanap lang ang Christian Grey ng buhay ko