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  1. Ay talaga sis? Oo nga sis naalala ko ikaw yung nahack ang coins.ph dba? Sayang naman. Korek sis hahaga ganyan din gagawin ko hehe Pag namistip si ED saken sosoli ko or iall in ko sa dice 2x kahit malose sa kanila rin naman mapupunta hahahaha
  2. Bes19

    Teka intro

    Yo Teka! Nice meeting you ^^ Don't forget to check the rules and follow it. Good luck dear see yah around
  3. It's just a coincident. Changing sides doesn't matter as long as you have luck on playing. Everything here is random
  4. Bes19

    Hi Primedice

    Hey Healix Welcome to PD forum. you can learn a lot here especially when it comes to gambling techniques and ofcourse about crypto currencies. I wish you a good luck on your bets. Have fun!
  5. Hmmm i'll suggest an achievement if someone get - 10k post here in forum - hit 9900x two or three times a week give him/her a "Best hunter" achievement - if he/she has never been muted for 3 months (this one should be a quarterly achievement)
  6. Hahaha wish lang natin may aksidenteng magsend satin ng 1 btc sa wallet para merry na merry ang christmas!
  7. Oo sis kung kakilala yung nagsend syempre ibabalik pero kung after 3 days walang nag ppm about it iwiwthdraw ko na haha Mga 3 days ka lang mag wait sis then withdraw na hahahahaha
  8. Urgh no thanks lol I never win on that site! It feels like they actually have a 50% house edge darn! And about the faucet, you wil never win from it so faucet on freebit is nothing. I don't use faucets that much but made a depo a lot but i never win so i stopped playing on that shitty site.
  9. Welcome to PD forum ^^ I wish you a good luck on your every bet. Have a great time and don't forget to follow the rules Cheers
  10. It's down a little bit but we all know it will slowly rise until it hit $5000. Hopefully it set a new record of $5500 by the end of the year
  11. Nung bago pa lang ako sa bitcoin minsan winiwish ko na sana may aksidenteng makapagsend saken ng 1 btc. Kung mangyari man yun ngayon, para sa akin walang halong kaplastikan pero ikekeep ko yun kung sa wallet ko naisend lol Pero kung sa gambling may mamistip saken ng 1 btc syempre ibabalik ko. Kayo ano gagawin nyo kung may aksidenteng nakapag send ng 1 btc sa wallet nyo? Yung totoo lang ah
  12. Yes i agree! I don't like playing dice on stake coz it has higher HE than PD plus i don't like it's dice interface. I only play Mines, Keno and diamond Poker on stake. But i usually make a deposit on PD when i want to play dice.
  13. 2 days ago i got 77.77 and the next roll was 88.20 lol i was nervous and dreaming what if the next roll was 77.77 lmao Mu bet was 20k so i might get 1 btc if i got 77.77 in a row
  14. Nice hit! If you just bet little higher, that would be a good profit but still it's a great hit Next time bet atleast 100 hehe Good luck
  15. Before i go to gym everyday but i got busy so i stopped for a while but i do worlout at home and ofcourse proper diet always.
  16. Bes19

    Gospel of Judas

    I know that lol I think it's about rituals or words from Satan. It's horrible to be honest
  17. Bes19

    Gospel of Judas

    Yes when i was in college, i used to watch and do some research about religious things and i've read that Book of Satan is real. I am not anti Christ but i'm curious what this book is all about.
  18. Bes19

    Gospel of Judas

    I don't know if it's real or not but i heard about it. I heard there are stores who sell books about it and Satan. It's horrible though
  19. Welcome to the PD forum my fellow filipino. I'm happy to see my kababayans here hehe Good luck to you and ofcourse have fun!
  20. Hello welcome to PD forum my kababayan! Don't forget to read the rules Good luck on your rolls. Have fun!
  21. I don't think PD has something like that but you can ask the admins to verify that.
  22. IKR! But until today, i am scared when it is full moon coz that aswang or any other mythical creatures lol