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  1. Hahaha pang asar lang lol Baka lalo yun maghabol pag sinendan mo p
  2. It's not necessary though since we can make another account as a bank.
  3. same here sweet. but hopefully i can make it lol Good luck xx
  4. Yay grats cutie! Hope you win more Good luck xx
  5. Yes dun ako nagbabad ngayon kaso mababa pa rin rank ko MEMBER pa lang kaya medyo maliit pa lang din kinikita ko weekly. Hindi ako makahanap ng okay na bounty. Share ka naman ng bounties mo hehe
  6. Yay another awesome giveaway! Hopefully i get it this time ^^ Thanks Z and hui
  7. I play some on different gambling sites and sometimes i buy things that i want. But mostly i spend it on buying altcoins
  8. Yeah it's really hard. If someone is asking you something all you have to say is Yes lolol but it's funny though.
  9. He's lucky coz he still last atleast half a day. If i'm going to do that challenge, i will never leave the house lol I'll stay there until the challenge expire lolol
  10. Yes! Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actor and i watched all his movies. Nah i can't live with that lol What if someone ask you a $1000 would you say yes? lolol That's hard
  11. Belated Happy Bday! I like korean beer. I used to drink that when i was still working at night shift lol
  12. Natry ko na din captcha sis kaso inaantok talaga ko dun haha Nung kausuhan ng raiblock ba yun nag try ako nakakatulog ako lol HYIP at ONPAL ang laki ng talo ko dyan huhu
  13. Korek sis! Same tayo kaso sa bitcointalk medyo matagal tapos swertihan pa kung magbayad sa bounty haha
  14. I do that sis especially when i feel sad and down. But i talk to myself in place on where i am just alone like in the bathroom or in my room coz when you do that in a public place, everyone would think you're crazy lol
  15. Hmmm lol Mine would be - WILD by Reese Witherspoon
  16. Any online job guys na bitcoin ang sweldo? Bukod sa mga campaigns sa bitcointalk, meron pa ba kayong alam na site na pwede magsideline? As of now kasi sa bitcointalk, gambling and other pay per post lang ako kumikita. Share nyo naman kung meron pa kayong alam na raket at btc ang payout.
  17. I always get 100-110% luck but it feels like i only have 1% luck lol I have negative profit up until now
  18. Bes19


    I'm pretty sure they are working on all the issues to improve the site. It is still new there is always a place for improvement. I love it as well
  19. Hey @Solicitor i downloaded the wallet but it's not working on windows.
  20. Hi ericka! Welcome to PD forum I bet you're also a filipina hehe Good luck on your rolls girl! Have fun xx
  21. Yes sa totoo lang mas okay mag deposit para maglaro kesa maghintay ng giveaway. Ako pinangsusugal ko talaga kasi Pag sinuwerte double yung balik ng deposit basta wag lang maging greedy. Mag set ka lagi ng goal kung hanggang saan yung limitation mo then pag nareach mo na yun stop na. Or pwede ka mag cashin tapos ipasok mo sa trading.
  22. I've been there lol You should've atleast withdraw half of 1.3 btc Lesson learned don't rage your bets and never ever be greedy. Good luck
  23. Korek ifreeze nila yung withdrawals para hindi ka makawithdraw hehe Pero pag nadoble ko yung 1 btc sabihin ko kay ed "Can i have atleast half of it" hahahaha
  24. Bes19

    pekeng bitcoins?

    Sa tingin ko sis hindi. Mahirap pekein ang bitcoin especially isa itong virtual money. In my own opinion lang sis ah. But we never know, these days masyado ng magagaling ang mga manloloko.