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  1. No one should hurt anyone. If someone hurt you physically then sue him/her.
  2. well you're right at some point. I just realized it can be useful to some
  3. OMG that's an awesome idea. Too bad my chow chow died a year ago and don't have a pet right now. Would love to see y'all fury pets
  4. Once a person became addicted, he will do anything just to gamble. He might not get anything from his bank but he can ask his friend or someone to lend him. So i think it is not necessary since we can still find ways.
  5. OMG LMFAO Eugene was really crying But i know some people who also beg and will cry for a little satoshi
  6. It depends on your luck though. Even if you have bigger balance when luck is not on your side then you will just lose everything. And one more thing, strategy might work at first but you'll still end up busted in the end so don't be greedy
  7. Not just 20% coz from what i've read it is 35-40%. They are one of the biggest investor in altcoins.
  8. Yeah i saw it sis. Well everyone has move on and i wish abbas a good luck and everyone got a lesson learned. Never believe in any giveaways except it is from admin
  9. Welcome gambling is risky but you will never get a good profit if you don't risk. If you got lower balance try 77.77% win chance all in 3 times
  10. Ako rin sis natawa ng bongga. Mag thank you pa sya hehe Ang sweet din kasi magpapasalamat pa hahahahah
  11. Lmao i saw him betting Yeah i felt bad for those who spent and lose their satoshi just to win on his giveaway. He should get ban on forum atleast lol
  12. As i've read today, one of the biggest exchanges in China will stop trading bitcoin. I don't know if it's true or it's only because it was ban on their country. Let's just relax and don't panic. It will back to normal soon
  13. Yeah i know this one. I#ve tried this and worked really good but still thanks sweet xx This is a big help for everyone
  14. I believe it's because of China banning ICO and exchanges. I've read in an article that 40% of BTC investors are from China so imagine 40% of investors how much money would that be? Lol It's all China's fault But Negan said it will go up again and i somehow believe in him
  15. Kay danica kasi 3 months nya trinabaho pero 60k pesos makukuha nya. Siguro yung btc bountt oang suporta na lang since medyo matagal ang altcoin bounty. Anyway thanks
  16. Bes19

    First Baby

    Lmao yeah i know that joke. I've read that on facebook and when i first read it, i laughed my ass off. Lolol poor daddy
  17. hahahahahaha sabagay mas maganda magpasalamat lol Kung kakilala syempre ibabalik pero kung unknown? Haha blessing sis lol
  18. Lmao i laugh af on the look on her face lol Great bluffer indeed!
  19. Ofcourse trading is the best one. Gambling is like 50/50 coz you need luck for you to win. I might add the campaigns in bitcointalk though it's not the fastest but it can give good money.
  20. That's quite impossible coz Life is full of trials and stress it is just how you handle it.
  21. Bes19

    Crypto Podcasts

    Yes i agree with you. Go for it Share some secrets on how to be rich in crypto? lolol
  22. cge sis. anong name ng coin na yan sis? Kasali rin ako sa easymine kaso late na ko nakasali 150 stakes pa labg ako. Cge sis balitaan mo ko kung nakapayout ka. Thanks
  23. Oo nga napansin ko ang baba ng btc campaigns. Hindi ko pa natry sumali sa altcoin campaign pero sabi nila mas malaki daw pag altcoin campaign.
  24. I only watch on youtube. I love watching documentaries about bitcoin coz it give me more knowledge.