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  1. I personally see religion as a social experiment for human interaction. so I will answer in the affirmative we need religion
  2. I will answer yes and No. No in the sense that it’s still a form of human association and interaction. yes- because of fanaticism. it all depends on the side of the fence you are on
  3. Second chance. That song makes me think
  4. Marvel first, DC second
  5. Riverdale and Get even
  6. DChisom

    Plans for 2021? 😊

    Be the best version of myself any time any day and travel as much as I can this year.
  7. My all time favorite One Tree hill and my recent favorite Bridgeton
  8. Tv series, I think movies doesn’t take out enough time to develop the characters before you know it it’s over.
  9. For some weird reasons any reptile. it’s a no no for me
  10. Phoenix any time any day. my spirit is that of a Phoenix
  11. First country of choice to visit is Ireland, my first country of choice to live in is USA for personal reasons
  12. My choices varies from time to time. but my all time favorite is One Tree hills
  13. Rape can actually happen in a marriage. A woman can be raped by her husband. Elements of rape are forceful carnal knowledge and non consensual sex. once this elements are established rape is said to has been committed and marriage does not justify this act. please dears No means No
  14. Ireland won’t be bad. I have read a lot about Irish mythology