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  1. Boring na talaga haha madalang na mga tao dito at active.. Sayang talaga.
  2. The house edge is a way for the casino owners to gain or profit as well. If you dont have a control as a gambler, and greed takes over, you will surely lose a lot or not all.
  3. Probably, are you gonna cry?:P Haha just kidding 😆 Bet you have lots of it.
  4. Minsan makakatanggap nalang ng mensahe na wala na yung pinost na topic o komento na ginawa mo(nang walang pasabi kung bakit man lang inalis o kung may nagawa kabang paglabag sa stake forum etc). Sana man lang may "rason" kung bakit inaalis ang kontents ng mga nglalagay o ilista mga nilabag o gustong gusto lang inaalis ng snsasabi ko? -.-
  5. Last year I can say is the year for bitcoin, as from January 2017 to December 2017, it reached 20,000 usd from the 928 usd initial prize. Last year too, October to November reached at least an increase of 20% but now, first week of November already, it seems bitcoins with other coins are going down(in contradiction to predictions). A lot of people are expecting the same trend will happen again last year but I feel it wont really happen this year. It will be a huge miracle if bitcoins will reach the all time high of 20k usd again this december or hoping at least it will touch 8k usd.
  6. Sa lucky may setting n gnyan sa autobet. Change side every win hehe check mo Pag continuos n red like 4 reds then x4 lng .hnd mrecover ang losses.hehe
  7. Manual? Paano? X4 ba if lose? Hehe kkpgod lang kasi pag manual.
  8. Haha oo kasi pg more than 10 hours mabubust din 🙈 Siguro okay n 3 hrs then change seed or rest then tuloy ulit.
  9. More like to have a lot of losses Gambling shouldnt be the only source of any income, or else you will lose more than you can afford.
  10. Hehe nasubukan ko to naranasan ko ang 8 reds. Buti nlng kaya nya hangang 9 reds kaya nakabawi.hehe Pero nakakakaba din, nataon talaga siguro sa seed ko.
  11. Safedice legit ba yun? Hehe mukhang konti nglalaro.
  12. Kayang kaya nya ang long losses haha safer pa.
  13. Haha try mo irun kaya ng 8 hrs. Mukhang safe naman hehe
  14. May uts dw sya dun ng mahigit 1 btc .. Ako almost 0.2