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  1. ravenyvolle

    Some Brand Managers Infos You Should Know

    Yeah due to recent scams done to me as well, with almost 0.5 btc total scammed by neverever and jben, got caught up lol but yeah finishing and fixing it all. Been with this team for a while and had to take a leave as il be busy in the moment and they are awesome! Keep it up:D
  2. Hahaah no how stupid this sounds like lol (i mean us) for trusting him without actually knowing him.haha
  3. In primedice? I believe the account he is using is only ForeverNever atm.
  4. Yes exactly, oh well, still good lesson learnt. And i have no choice but to move on. Yes kuya, he is gone and so is my money.-.- oh well
  5. Tbh, greed became a factor as well, thinking this wont end and will be paid more and more and when it came to a conclusion that he can run away, its too late. I really felt stupid trusting him with huge amount and dragging others into this. But oh well, a lesson well learnt.
  6. It is one of his strategies maybe, to lure people by trusting him and paying in time before until we give him more and more that in the end, he cant afford to pay at all.-.- So poof! There goes our money.
  7. I will talk as "we", as there are group of stakers, and it's a topic of all us. We understand, that nothing can be done from side of administration, as all loans were taken in pm's, and we dont expecting anything. Goals of topic are two: 1. Catch some attention of @Neverever or ForeverNever , as others try to contact him are ignored for more than a week already (it still can be solved in peacefully way, if you will contact someone of us in next 24 hours). 2. Warn other stakers not to have any deals while this isn't solved. So, Neverever (also known in different sites with tons of alts, like: TeachMePlay, Fuckluck, Hilonoob, NajibRazak, ForeverNEver, StakeRob, Tera, Ridethelightning, Applepen, lowroller, letmewin, Ibetdaily, QuiteLucky, Pants, coinroller, Fae, etc) owes atm to at least 17 people, total amount more than 4 btc. As we know, people who are still waiting for returns: @Godloft @ravenyvolle @lupandina @wilburwilbur @dmbadillo10 @kuleguten @Lexus19 @nadiya14 @Faris @peckatop and + at least 7 more, from which I didn't got agreement to tag them yet No one had any contact with Neverever from about 29th-30th August. Some of people are waiting for just few weeks, but some are waiting even from like March or April, so patience ended up. After some research we traced down Neverever's real identity, have ID scan, approximate place of residence and more. So he won't run far. Yea, you read it right, it's not typo. Neverever isn't a girl at all, as everyone was thinking
  8. Not a huge fan of the update on mobile phone, it is to hard to scroll down, return to games etc. Yeah, have to use desktop view first to see all its new updates and features.
  9. ravenyvolle

    Playing safe or risk it like a biscuit ?

    Well, playing safe takes hours and days sometimes and just bust it in the end in a long run, so i think risking is much better, its like a do or die bet with better profits.
  10. ravenyvolle

    Things you do when you lose big

    Well some promises are meant to broken somehow but lately maybe i got tired of playing and just lurk in chats instead
  11. ravenyvolle

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    Hahahhahah you know well
  12. ravenyvolle

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    Cool hehe thanks for letting us know:) Keep it up!
  13. ravenyvolle

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    We are enticed to invest with the notion that the said player is rich or has lots of bitcoins stored in the wallet (with photos proving the claims). And with good payouts at first, we wont even notice that something is up already and still keep sending more:(
  14. ravenyvolle

    Do you eat while gambling ?

    I usually dont do this as it will mess up my game, i prefer listening to music or when playing on phone, i dod a picture to picture version of Netflix:)
  15. ravenyvolle

    Things you do when you lose big

    Haha that is fun,:P and do some angel wings too lol Haha ez pz fix