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  1. aww bummer I like to check but if dice is not included..will not be interested
  2. ravenyvolle

    Eth to coins.ph

    400k a month n po siya ate eh .. Hnd n tulad dati na daily siya
  3. ravenyvolle

    Eth to coins.ph

    Aww bulok talaga ang eth ng coins.ph haha parang mas mataas kasi value ngaun ng eth. Hehe feeling konlang na ganun
  4. ravenyvolle

    Eth to coins.ph

    May nakapagtry naba ng etherium withdrawal to coins.ph? Okay b siya? Salamat sa sasagot, para sna hindi na iexchnge to bitcoins.
  5. Hehe you will see me in no time few more days:) will give you durian candies for sure hehe
  6. I would love to try the depsit bonus but i read dice wagering are not included
  7. Berries are the best! All of them:) Yey! My taste buds will be happy there then
  8. ravenyvolle


    He is always active in stake, i never thought he will do this. But i hope he will resolve it soon..
  9. I can spend a week in jail for u to taste durian one of the best lol But yeah so smelly but tastes good. I can bring durian candies anyway I promised @Katarina as well last year hehe
  10. ravenyvolle

    Gusto mo magdeposit ng ltc at eth?

    Oo maganda ang site b toh for exchanges at hindi p mahal ang fees.
  11. ravenyvolle

    Warning Points Removed

    Yey glad for you Its been months huh i thought it wont be removed anytime soon
  12. ravenyvolle

    Your faucet story

    Sometimes i claim it then i max bet 1.5 x or more .. I never make it to more than 1000 satoshis though hehe i dont know why
  13. ravenyvolle

    Hello, Im old!

    Veronica! Nice to meet you again:) And it is good to know you have a site like that keep it up
  14. ravenyvolle

    LTC what's next?

    Hahahha why?:D Yes i believe it will be implementes soon
  15. ravenyvolle

    LTC what's next?

    i have a good feeling etherium is next or dogecoins. Or bch probably.. It is a good idea to be adding these coins so that players will have some options to play with. And ps.ltc makes u feel like you have a lot of coins to gamble.