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  1. Previously not problematic, but after member do new considered as problem Then from the beginning the rules should be clear so that members do not feel trapped in the forum trap
  2. Ok thank not to harming the member again Because I already suffered losses due to the payment per post, better none of the disadvantage members
  3. Specify violation of violation that should not be done using BITS lol
  4. They should give sister bits rules first so that members understand After the troubled credits they replace with bits Definitely end up with problems too
  5. After problematic credits they issue bits, only to attract members to enliven the forum
  6. Can you show in detail? Before I make a transaction, I've read it all
  7. I have given evidence and where the location of the error I do not understand, the rules are not listed prohibited to buy credit personally Thank you for giving the spirit Hope they understand what i feel
  8. Micro never responded, suspecting for what reason I also did not know what I explained clearly to micro from where I got it! The evidence is also listed above, even if I am told spammers or farming what may be that much? Before I list to the forum I definitely read the rules because every forum must have rules RabMalfoy, Gerald23 Guys, i've contact micro but neglected and not replied i guess i did not intend to discuss my redemption of $ 295,444
  9. What are only certain people who can trade? https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?topic=2716.0 <- I bought a credits of 10000 and intend to enliven what forum is prohibited, if prohibited why not included in the rules? But the reality? My credit is foreclosed because it is not permitted for individual users to redeem credit when you exchange with merchants1 https://prnt.sc/fgaxca After I redeem in bitcoin form from may 21, 2017 until now the credit was not sent Is this fair for well intentioned members but not in response?
  10. yes maybe busy, So do not pay attention to members who support the forum
  11. I've tried to explain to micro, but never responded My idea I will be accepted by them, but it turns out that I was even harmed