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  1. The Greatest Minds: Henrietta Swan Leavitt Ends: 04/19/2021 @ Midday (02pm) GMT Requirements: Step 1: Win two bets with 55x and 75x multiplier! Step 2: One of the bets should have number 55 or 77 anywhere in the Bet ID. You can Roll Over or Roll Under, the order doesn't matter. 0.03 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency). Tips & Terms & Conditions 1 valid entry per household. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ forum post count. Primedice employees can not participate in official Primedice.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators. Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prize Pool(s) Minimum prize pool: $150 If over 30 participants: $350 If over 50 participants: $450 If over 100 participants: $550 If over 200 participants: $800 How to Enter Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. Feel free to edit your posts as you catch the new bets. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below)
  2. Hello and thank you Zachary!
  3. Thank you again! 🥰
  4. Hello everyone, I'm sure some of you already know me, but it's time to officially introduce myself. I'm your new Community Manager and I'm here to have great time with you all, but also to help with whatever is that you need. I'm honestly so glad that I'm part of the PD family! 🍀 Have fun, good luck and stay safe! 💚
  5. Definitely horror movies, adventure, thriller, Sci-Fi and some with action. And I think that's about it, comedies also used to be good, now every comedy has the same twist/story. TBH horror genre isn't as great anymore, but they're still struggling to come up with something new. 😅
  6. I'm about to start watching The Witcher tonight, but also considering Vikings. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it (Vikings) TBH.
  7. I honestly like both, but DC slightly more. Maybe it could be because I've always loved Batman and Superman, ever since I was a child.
  8. The only thing that I wasn't okay with was the end of Pennywise. I don't know why, just something seemed off. Might check it out once more, but yeah, it's kind of messy. 😅
  9. Planning on watching this tonight. I doubt I'll binge-watch it, probably gonna watch an episode or two. Looking forward to it! 🥳
  10. Actually yes, but I'm too awkward to do it in public so I'm saving every dance for when I'm in my room. 😂😂
  11. Oh, definitely Tomb Raider. I could play it over and over again. 😄
  12. Listening to the music, watching movies, taking a long shower, or even meditate with lit incense sticks. 😌 Edit: Also, chocolate helps too!
  13. The monument of a memory You tear it down in your head Don't make the mountain your enemy Get out, get up there instead You saw the stars out in front of you Too tempting not to touch But even though it shocked you Something's electric in your blood And people just untie themselves Uncurling lifelines If you could just forgive yourself But still you stumble, feet give way Outside the world seems a violent place But you had to have him, and so you did Some things you let go in order to live While all around you, the buildings sway You sing it out loud, "who made us this way?" I know you're bleeding, but you'll be okay Hold on to your heart, you'll keep it safe Hold on to your heart, don't give it away Florence + the Machine - Various Storms & Saints.