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  1. Please create giveaways for those player who are active and loyal in this forum ..for example numbers of post , best constructive comment, most friendly members ,etc.
  2. I will redeposit to trading if the price is dumping
  3. I like desktop especially if you are a gamer
  4. And plss make it first 100 not 50 because our community here are expanding
  5. This is sucks!! Next time I will finish my requirement as soon as possible so that I will recieved my rewaed.. I GOT CONSOLATION prize .. Im disappointed but thats life
  6. I also experienced this auto correct(alien words)
  7. The best way is to consult to veterinarian
  8. Just contact support about this issue
  9. I will hire pitbull and my pitbull will do its task while im locking the door .. And I will play and dance careless whisper
  10. When will you stop roll ?? How about if i have 0.01 in my bankroll ??
  11. Poke ball and ash
  12. thanks sir will watch later
  13. if you were 17 when you allegedly committed murder, your case will automatically go to adult court even though you were a minor at the time, due to the aforementioned exception for severe crimes. However, if you committed a non-serious offense at the age of 16 or younger, and are arrested after reaching 18, your case will most likely go through juvenile court as long as you are not older than 21. However, if you have been arrested at the age of 22 or above, most juvenile courts would lack jurisdiction over the case, no matter what the alleged crime was or how old you were at the time.
  14. Better luck nxt time or create a extra account in pd as bank
  15. Im just completing my task in 4th giveaways hopefully nxt week I get the prize and also playing coc
  16. Out of the many social media sites available, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram etc., which one do you use the most?
  17. Aljohn1997


    this section is about sex and drugs , who cares with your opinion?? Nah! Better shut up and stop spamming I will report you to the admin
  18. Yes I agree to them just give your tip to pd than sending to btc wallet .. Try tip hetr Aljohn1997 if its working to tip in pd