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  1. Please create giveaways for those player who are active and loyal in this forum ..for example numbers of post , best constructive comment, most friendly members ,etc.
  2. I will redeposit to trading if the price is dumping
  3. I like desktop especially if you are a gamer
  4. And plss make it first 100 not 50 because our community here are expanding
  5. This is sucks!! Next time I will finish my requirement as soon as possible so that I will recieved my rewaed.. I GOT CONSOLATION prize .. Im disappointed but thats life
  6. I also experienced this auto correct(alien words)
  7. The best way is to consult to veterinarian
  8. Just contact support about this issue
  9. I will hire pitbull and my pitbull will do its task while im locking the door .. And I will play and dance careless whisper
  10. When will you stop roll ?? How about if i have 0.01 in my bankroll ??