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  1. Hello! The numbers 96.36 and 97.76 are excluded. 😊
  2. 🎨 The Greatest Minds: Frida Kahlo 🎨 Ends: 05/04/2021 @ Midday (02pm) GMT Requirements: Win a bet with 20x multiplier and the rolled number has to be between numbers 96.36 and 97.76, excluding these two numbers. The Bet ID has to contain numbers 9 and 6 anywhere. 0.03 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency). Tips & Terms & Conditions 1 valid entry per household. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ forum post count. Primedice employees can not participate in official Primedice.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators. Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prize Pool(s) Minimum prize pool: $150 If over 30 participants: $350 If over 50 participants: $450 If over 100 participants: $550 If over 200 participants: $800 How to Enter Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. Feel free to edit your posts as you catch the new bets. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below)
  3. I want to travel the world. 😍😍😍 But my dream countries to visit for now are New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. Although, every country has it's unique beauties. πŸ’š New Zealand is number one for now, the beautiful beaches, awesome cities, the nature 🌳😍 and that accent is so nice. Plus, the Hobbit Village is there! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ I have similar reasons for visiting South Africa as do I for New Zealand, nature, beaches (on some beaches there are even penguins 🐧) and the rich history that you can talk about with the locals (if you like that kind of stuff), also there are some pretty cool art communities in Cape Town. Last, but not the least, Japan ❀. The anime and manga introduced me to this country, but there is so more to it. Architecture is amazing (best examples for minimalism) and there is a lot of work from Tadao Ando 😍. Nature and culture is amazing, as well. For now, I would be happy to travel anywhere and wish for this pandemic to end really soon. πŸ€
  4. Thank you so much! I am already enjoying every moment! βœ¨πŸ€β€β€β€
  5. Thank you so much! I am having an amazing time here too, thanks to all of you! πŸ€—πŸ’šπŸ’š
  6. Welcome to the community! ✨ I hope you'll have fun with all of us! See you chat. Cheers! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—βœŒβœŒβœŒ
  7. Hello friends! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Andjela, your new Community Manager. I feel so happy to be part of the Primedice family, so I'll do anything that's in my power to help you with any problem you come across. πŸ’ͺ Let's have fun together, wish you all the luck and love! βœ¨πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ˜Šβœ¨
  8. All kinds of fruit like apple, banana, pear, mango, avocado, all kind of berries, orange, lemon, grapefruit, pomelo, papaya, pineapple and I've always wanted to try the dragon fruit, soon I hope. 🀀 As for the veggies goes, I like almost everything except peas and green beans I guess.
  9. I like Marvel just a little more than DC, but both are good, as long as they continue making superhero comics and movies, I'm good. Heats off to all those great animators and artists. 🀯😁
  10. I would suggest some Animation movies if you want to try, something like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Your Name, Weathering With You, Garden of Words, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Tototro, Your Lie in April, etc.
  11. What about sunrise? What about rain? What about all the things That you said we were to gain? What about killing fields? Is there a time? What about all the things That you said was yours and mine? Did you ever stop to notice All the blood we've shed before? Did you ever stop to notice This crying Earth, these weeping shores?
  12. Depends on what you like. I would recommend Avatar, Star Wars franchise, then The Big Lebowski, Death at a Funeral, or The Untouchables, I Origins, The Hater (Polish movie), The Invisible Guest, Palms in the Snow, The Body, Open Your Eyes, etc.
  13. I've started to watch the series about 2 weeks ago and I must say that is done really nicely from Henry and his acting to the special effects, costumes and scenery. Haven't played the game, hope I will soon, but series are amazing.
  14. A walk to remember, The pianist, The English patient. Oh, and of course there is Titanic, you just can't skip that one. 😒
  15. My all time favorites: The Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Friends, Skins, Peaky Blinders, The Sopranos, Vikings. My second favorites: The Queen's Gambit, Friends, Six, Narcos, Stranger Things...