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  1. so coinbase isnt supporting the new bitcoin and they have stopped all transactions, i want to change wallets, can someone suggest something similar, also that would have a debit card?
  2. l ran to anwser the phone and forgot to stop a 3.5x roll starting at 1000 satoshisand bank of 100000 satohis, i came back to laptop and had .023+ btc
  3. Homeless Veteran Joseph De La Cruz needs your assistance. https://www.youcaring.com/josephdelacruz-834436 This is me and my current situation. bump
  4. Use my referral link and both you and I will receive one one free stock. Stock could be from various companies. Probability breakdown below. It is not scam, when I signed up with friends referral link, i got stock from Chesapeake Energy (value at the time - 8.04 US) Possible free stocks: 1 in 90 chance of getting Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple 1 in 150 chance of getting Ford, Sprint, or GoPro 100% chance both you and referral get some other company Here is my link... http://share.robinhood.com/josephd770
  5. this sounds interesting, i will give it a go and reply with stats a bit later
  6. i have found a program for windows called coin collector, that will automate collecting from xapo faucets. does anyone know of a similar one for osx?
  7. my bad, yes is manual strategy, i would have at leat .0025 bank as for losses, i can't say, i usually stop method when i get a win of over .00128
  8. i started the day with deposit of .014 that a friend sent me.. i made his money back and shot up to .05 now... i back to faucet.....
  9. sometime i like to use the following technique for big gains, not a technique to run for long you can set base bet to whatever you like, so lets say i bet .00001 to start, the rolls would go like this... and of course, on win start technique over R1- .00001 - lose R2- .00002 - lose R3- .00002 - lose R4- .00004 - lose R5- .00008 - lose R6- .00008 - lose R7- .00016 - lose R8- .00032 - lose R9- .00032 - lose R10- .00064 - lose do you see the pattern?
  10. or does winning at primedice get harder in relation to the price of bitcoins.... also, is there artificial intelligence behind it all? just wondering...
  11. just thought i would share this link... https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2017/07/10/cryptos-in-wonderland-12-of-the-weirdest-wackiest-coins/#7a25376e2a70
  12. I know things are about to change come next week, wether for the good or bad, and I know most people into mining are already in the game. What i am wondering is if there are any mining pools/options/businesses that are legit and worth putting the time and money into?
  13. i have seen gambling cripple some friends before... when do you think you have to admit you have a gambling problem... at first signs, or at rock bottom?
  14. so, from time to time i use the following technique for very short periods of time. i use 5x multiplier, and base bet of 1000 satoshis to start. i roll 1000 satoshis until i get 2 reds in a row, then i double the bet and roll until i get two reds again. i keep doubling up bet after 2 reds of the same bet until i get a hit... it can be interesting sometimes.
  15. i dont know any of the technical stuff, but what ever i can do to help, count me in
  16. your right! not in the right mood or not cencentrating is a for sure bust worse thing is... i have made the same mistake before using cell phone, but for a bigger amount... i dont dare to say how much
  17. Username: neevebank Joined date: 09.01.2016
  18. I deposited 0.0125 BTC last month and was so impatient to play I decided to use my cell phone while on the train home. I opened my browser, logged into my PD account, saw my deposit, set my bet amount on a 2x roll, hit roll, rolled a red, hit the 2x button to double my bet, hit roll, there was a lag, i hit roll again, then saw "max bet" and the dice rolled, RED. Not paying attention, and the buttons being so close onmy cell phone, i hit the max button instead of 2x, the lag caused me to tap the roll button twice, which took care of the semi-safe guard "max bet" verbage before one actually max bets, and that was all she wrote. 0.0125 gone in a bout 2.1 secs... Be more patient since then I have been.
  19. sucks both ways i think... lose, lose no worries though, karma will bring it back to you
  20. Very well put. I would agree with you 100%