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    Barryallen50 reacted to Mridul24 in What is your trading app?   
    I use binance app for trading. We know thaf binance is the top platform pf cryptotrading. The app is very much advanced.  In my opinion it is the best trading app. I use the app everyday to trade my currencies.
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    Barryallen50 reacted to nolep in Make Primedice display dark mode   
    hello my friends want to tell you how to make your appearance while playing into dark mode both web and forum, I myself use this because my eyes are easily tired when playing if using the usual display.
    I highly recommend you try it so that you can feel at home while playing, so you can simply install the dark mode extension in the chrome you are using and you will be able to see your display change to dark mode
     this is the look now

    if there is a problem when I want to try it I will help you