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    Mridul24 got a reaction from kelvin1 in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    To be honest i haven't tried any gambling site in my life before. I came to know from a friend of mine that this platform is quite trusted and they pays for real. So i came here to know more about primedice.  Hope everyone will help me to understand more about thia platform so that i can start to earn from here.
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    Mridul24 got a reaction from Barryallen50 in What is your trading app?   
    I use binance app for trading. We know thaf binance is the top platform pf cryptotrading. The app is very much advanced.  In my opinion it is the best trading app. I use the app everyday to trade my currencies.
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    Mridul24 reacted to JohnTravel in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    We know Primedice is the biggest and best casino in the world. The quality of service support, the provision of self-service primedice with philanthropic entities and the involvement of users of online games is very great.
    This whole gigantic system cooperating for the success of some, for the failure of others, this depends on how the player is clicking and making his plays, and is not the topic of this subject.
    So we know primedice is a big bank, well I think it is, but this is disguised as the casino name. And you know, casino attracts dreams, emotions attracts so many good and bad things. Ruins including for us players and for the employees and owners of the casino. A scam for example is something bad as well as many other bad things I could name.
    Now that we know that primedice is a type of online bank, it has some types of coins, and this involves accounts, players and many large, medium and small moneys. It involves security and so many devices and tools to stop thieves and give security and credibility to its users, thus making primedice a casino with extreme credibility to users and entities connected to this immense dicers game platform.
    And this casino it stores many coins, for example, today you can go out and leave your coins in your wallets, return tomorrow and continue playing. So, as I said before, we are in a casino bank, that is, primedice is a differentiated bank that allows its users to make deposits, withdraw money, playing and having fun, or passing suffocation until they lose money and feed their own banking system primedice.
    That sounds funny, and it really is funny, but its unlucky if you fall on the day of loss because someone has to pay the server bills, light and everything else, so think differently, when you lose here, or you you failed to realize your dreams out there in the real world because you were greedy, or you did not use the money to do something bad, or you helped pay the casino bills and better yet, it made employees and the casino owner system smile and happy. And if you did, you helped your friends keep playing and keeping the casino in perfect tune. This is for you to laugh a little in the midst of these millions or billions of coins that are now coming in and out of the casino.
    So you now know that you are in the middle of the best and largest online casino in the world that is also a gigantic bank with thousands of online transactions involving many users and financial businesses.
    Blockchain is a great structure of the internet whereas Primedice is the backbone of online casinos, the ground zero of casinos life. Do you believe that the Primedice casino is one of the biggest digital banks in the world today? Do you feel safe in Primedice?
    My simple opinion, I am safe in Primedice, even if I enter the zone to lose, or to win. Here I feel more comfortable, in my view primedice has become so great that it must have surpassed the expectations of its creators. For those who noticed my post, I do not see Primedice only as a casino, or as a great system encompassing countless other systems within itself, but also as a great online bank. So, the security, speed and flexibility of all the services make it truly a success in the world of online casinos and banks.