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    AloneAsif reacted to UltraChief in Tips for beginners on Primedice   
    Dont chase your losses, accept them and move on.
    Sometimes it is better if you stop in between big losses for a few days, you dont want to end up in financial problems due to your play-style. Managing the bankroll is important too, dont wager more than 10% of what you can afford to lose.
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    AloneAsif reacted to JohnTravel in What is your feeling when you hit 9900x twice with zero bet?   
    Well, that's unlucky at the moment, but I think you should have risked at least 1 satoshi. I don't play this way, gamber's life has taught me that, if I'm going to risk high payout, I have to bet even the smallest amount.
    Another point to highlight, to win big sometimes you have to risk, and who does not risk winning high will win only small.
    If you are afraid to play it is better to stop, pause for the moment, you have to create a risky percentage with high payouts, no matter how much you bet on the bet because it depends on your total amount, but what matters is the how much you are available to risk. In my view, you failed to create the calculated risk attack zone.