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  1. i believed in jesus christ as a MESSANGER OF GOD... jesus real name is ( Jesus' name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua)jesus mean saviour of human...so i believed that jesus is messenger of god ..god makes jesus a special one...
  2. happd bday to you i wish u many many return of the day..♨️
  3. u r truly talented man even in gambling or beside gambling ..i wish i could learn some thing from u...
  4. good design ! you are a genius i advice you to take a better care of your talent...betty i want to talk about your EOs scripts and how it work.and i also want to know about your utube channel .where is link ???
  5. good effect you put to bring this info towards us ....u r good player and nice 1
  6. good ...dont pay attention to jealousy ppl here. even your (plat VI) rank proof ur legends here.the true legend.good keep it up .bro where is your streaming video link ?
  7. cutefire

    Real Life Job

    wow i am also know web programming languages and coding
  8. i like cigarette when my frnd buy for herself but i catch from him!!1
  9. happy new year 2021 Wishing you all the best
  10. love is most beautiful feeling in this world. if ur in love u feel like u in sky .but bro in this video there is no love but gaynism & lesbianism i see//
  11. omg vinka!! i bet 1000% you at the age of 43 still sexy and beautiful..i like older woman then me lol..you r like 23 older than me but i like u and your tatoo(dont mind on me word):):):):xDjust joking are u marriage or having child or single?