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    Coolandy55 reacted to firenine in Egg or Chicken   
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    Coolandy55 reacted to Megalo in 9900x hunt   
    Yeah but the feeling when you hit the 9900x is so amazing try it for once
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    Coolandy55 reacted to nolep in Make Primedice display dark mode   
    hello my friends want to tell you how to make your appearance while playing into dark mode both web and forum, I myself use this because my eyes are easily tired when playing if using the usual display.
    I highly recommend you try it so that you can feel at home while playing, so you can simply install the dark mode extension in the chrome you are using and you will be able to see your display change to dark mode
     this is the look now

    if there is a problem when I want to try it I will help you
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    Coolandy55 reacted to iulianbutanu in Very important question   
    If I do a sex change to become a woman... Will I be virgin?
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    Coolandy55 reacted to kubows in Stop working to focus on gambling   
    Lol that's a very bad thing to do. You cannot make a living out of gambling. You will always need a source of steady income.
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    Coolandy55 reacted to UltraChief in How often do you change your seed?   
    Why the site allows you to unhash the sever seed and get a new server seed?
    It is to supply you the older server seed which was used to calculate your previous roll till that point where you changed the seed and so you can use it to verify the rolls to make sure they were fair all this long. This does not change the next rolls would it? Use you common sense.
    People have the wrong idea that changing seeds means you make the casino forget the previous rolls. There is no such thing.
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    Coolandy55 reacted to Edward in Who's the real Eddie?   
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    Coolandy55 reacted to Kargai in A world without money   
    I agree about the fact lots of things would improve without money : less stress, less jealousy, more "real" interactions (i will do that for you and you give me that), more people will do a work they are good and love to do instead of a paycheck one, less ressources will be used to make the money people need to buy ressources, things will be less global and more local, ...
    But I don't believe it will stop war & co. The monetary reason will just be replace by something else like to have the power over others. This is inherent to humans, they want to be better/stronger than others. Wars and fights existed way before money.
    Same with the family time. Back in the days people tend to go to work in the fields, mines, hunting or so on and spend all day long to work, seeing only their family few moments a day. That wasn't rare that mans where not with their family for days, weeks or months. Actually I believe we can spend more time with our family nowadays ... but we spend that time in devices (smartphones, computers, television, ...), going out with friends, ... instead of being present with our relatives (back in the days they don't have a lot to do except staying home with the fam). So it's mostly a choice people don't make today, in most of the countries the number of hours you can work a week is limited, in early ages you worked as much as you can.
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    Coolandy55 reacted to ullikah in Who is the best president for you?   
    That is a good open minded request. Always first hearing the other side befor judging.
    The Problem we have in the Westernised World, in North America and here in Europe and also in Australia as far as I know, is that we simply cannot trust our news media and journalism any more and we need to consider additonal information sources to get a better picture of political and international affairs. Our Media is not informing us properly any more they are conditioning us to follow what they want to be the popular opinion within the population.
    I am German and I am pretty good with English I believe and I started to have a "puke bucket" ready when I watch German or British "News" Media ever since I started to investigate the actual stories behind these "News".
    For me the currently best President in office is Vladimir Putin.
    And I think there are good solid reasons why Putin has a steady and even growing support of nearly 90% of the Russian population. They will follow him no matter what ever happens everywhere. I cannot say the same about any other Politician in office anywhere in the World today.
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    Coolandy55 reacted to keian in Most powerful country   
    econimically speaking i think its china,.whereever you are you will always find a made in china product.
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    Coolandy55 reacted to connesa in Jesus isn't real God is   
    for me raised and born as catholic,i believe in god the father almighty creator of heaven and earth.jesus his son,died on the cross for us.whatever u believe i highly respect you.so i hope u also respect what i believe as a catholic.its my faith
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    Coolandy55 reacted to Coingiver in Jesus isn't real God is   
    The bible is known to be re-written by some of the most evil men??? Men like Hitler,Talat Pasha, Osama bin Laden,  Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin.
      What evidence tell you that the bible was re-written by "the most evil men"  ?
    Alot of historical facts point to jesus being a fictional charater? Some evidence.
    I can say whatever the fuck I want. But until I have something to prove my point why even say it ?
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    Coolandy55 reacted to nonce in New kind of statistics to replace the now discontinued profit stats   
    Why profit stats is removed, i really like to see how much peoples make or lose on primedice?
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    Coolandy55 reacted to Nikola_ in New kind of statistics to replace the now discontinued profit stats   
    yes I think it will be interesting and useful if it is actually implemented.  usually I need to observe directly to find out, or what is easier to do by playing on dicebot.
    well it is indeed unfortunate, now we need to contact support to find out even though it was easier before.