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  1. Check out this huge and extremely lucky $8000+ win on the dice game
  2. BitDice has added EOS as an available currency on the site! You can now deposit and play Dice, Blackjack, and BitAces with EOS!
  3. Competition ended last night: Winners will be paid soon.
  4. Only about 10 hours left until the wager competition ends and most positions are still +EV so fans of that should definitely give it a go! Here are the statistics: (for exact time type !contest in chat)
  5. 3 days left to participate in the wager competition. Current leaderboard looks like:
  6. Current stats in the wager competition (about 4 days left):
  7. We're currently running a wager competition: Hello, does it give errors?
  8. Current wager competition stats: hdf has taken quite the lead!
  9. BitDice Wager Contest Website: https://www.bitdice.me/ We're excited to announce a wager competition with a prizepool of 400 mBTC The rules of the wager competition are simple: There will be 10 winners The players with most wagered (all currencies) between 00:00 GMT on the 8th of July 2019 and 23:59 GMT on the 14th of July 2019 will win One account per user All wagers in all curriences will count towards the competition Prizepool: 400 mBTC 1st Place: 150 mBTC (0.15 BTC) 2nd Place: 100 mBTC (0.1 BTC) 3rd Place: 50 mBTC (0.05 BTC) 4th Place: 40 mBTC (0.04 BTC) 5th Place: 20 mBTC (0.02 BTC) 6th Place: 12 mBTC (0.012 BTC) 7th Place: 10 mBTC (0.01 BTC) 8th Place: 8 mBTC (0.008 BTC) 9th Place: 6 mBTC (0.006 BTC) 10th Place: 4 mBTC (0.004 BTC) Where do I find the leaderboard you ask? Find your way here: We're open to any and every question that you might have!
  10. About 1.4 million bets until 1 billion. It's going to reach the milestone quick. Check OP for details regarding the givewaways!
  11. 991 million bets! Not much longer until 1 billion! Remember there's 9 other bet ids being hunted aswell. Be prepared!
  12. BitDice Billionth Bet Giveaway Website: https://www.bitdice.me We're excited to announce a competition to celebrate (almost) a BILLION bets being placed on our site! All you need to do is be on our site and ready to place some bets in order for a chance to win. Just remember to check out the rules first! We have chosen 10 bet IDs which will be hunted for in the competition. Starting from the billionth (1,000,000,000th) bet all the way to the 1,000,900,000th bet in 100,000 increments. The rules of the billionth bet competition are pretty simple. There will be 10 winners (10 bet IDs are being hunted) Each player may only win once The players who hit closest (or equal) to one of the hunted bet IDs will win a prize To win, the bet size must be over 0.001 BTC (or 250 CSNO, 3750 DOGE, 0.04 ETH, 0.1 LTC) We will pick the closest bet ID after the target number if the bet size does not exceed the amount mentioned above All games count towards the competition If the billionth bet does not exceed this amount, they will be credited a consolation prize of 0.005 BTC (this only applies for the billionth bet) For example if you hit bet ID 1,000,100,000 and you placed a bet of 0.0001 on dice, you will not win a prize. Let's say bet id 1,000,100,001 is a 0.001 BTC bet then they will receive the prize. If your bet was the billionth and the amount wasn't enough, then you will be credited the consolation prize. The bet IDs that we hunt are the following: 1,000,000,000 1,000,100,000 1,000,200,000 1,000,300,000 1,000,400,000 1,000,500,000 1,000,600,000 1,000,700,000 1,000,800,000 1,000,900,000 Prizepool: 600 mBTC 1st Prize (1,000,000,000th bet): 0.15 btc 2nd Prize (1,000,100,000th bet): 0.05 btc 3rd Prize (1,000,200,000th bet): 0.05 btc 4th Prize (1,000,300,000th bet): 0.05 btc 5th Prize (1,000,400,000th bet): 0.05 btc 6th Prize (1,000,500,000th bet): 0.05 btc 7th Prize (1,000,600,000th bet): 0.05 btc 8th Prize (1,000,700,000th bet): 0.05 btc 9th Prize (1,000,800,000th bet): 0.05 btc 10th Prize (1,000,900,000th bet): 0.05 btc PS. Stay tuned for a wager competition to be announced after this We're open to any and every question that you might have!