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  1. ribbitttttttttttttttttttt!!! finally i see you here! lol I still want those legs! ;P
  2. Hi Catosa, pleased to meet you and welcome to primedice forum... wait... you look good btw! hihihi
  3. I even talked to Micro about it... he just said he will talk to the administrator., but until now.... no answer. lol
  4. Hey Guys... If you are agree to have Philippine Forum or Chat, you may support this thread... Big shout! To all Philippine players must have their own chat channel.
  5. really hard to find true friends or real friends here in PD. Most are only after for something, you know.... though, I thought I found one... but silly, that's what I thought! lol now I am being extra careful.
  6. I wonder why there's no female MOD in PD? I think it would be great if there's one. What do you think guys?
  7. i like it really! its like a place where we get acquainted.
  8. HP Intel Corei5 3210M 64bits 250Ghz 6gb NVDIA GEFORCE GT 630N 2gb
  9. I nominate GlenArven and or MrNice
  10. Thank you rob for supporting my opinion
  11. HI guys, I don't know why some are active here but not in playing PD. Maybe, some are only for the giveaways. It would be nice to see people who are active here and yet active in PD.