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    Bojana reacted to 3mily in 3mily here   
    Hi my name is Emilia , am 29 years old currently live in Gothenburg , Sweden.
    I work in accounting , also i spend a lot of my time*( like more than 90% of awake time ) in front of the computer.
    I like to travel , drive and also gamble , huge fan of soccer and beer  also sports bets ofc. ( Favourite teams in no specific order IFK Göteborg home team , FC Barcelona in Spain , Chelsea in UK , Bayern München in Germany , Juventus in Italy , Paris Saint Germain in France , Ajax Amsterdam in The Netherlands !)
    I wish you guys best of luck with gambling , my suggestion is never ever ! 3v3r  ! gamble more than you afford to loose, this way loose some win some and the game is fun   
    P.S. i like Gothic Rock and also many other genre and as some of you may have noticed i am a harsh and cruel bitch , don't tolerate stupidity and always speak my mind  so dont be offended its not personal !
    Also a big SHOUT OUT !!! to some ppl that made me feel welcomed and could actually relay to by having a normal conversation and fun with.
    So in no specific order i would like to thank: Carol , Yash , David , Maliafka , xLittlegirly , RoBear , One2ten , FanEagle , Cordiceps , TheFrog , Bojana , Irena , hui , Maverick , Magik and last but not least LeDust  ty guys.
    Also Favourite color is green , nr is 3 , beer is Heineken , soda is Pepsi ... more to come
    And yes a big fan of the 50 Shades series , even if the movie nowhere close to the books but not that bad either , thankfully casting helped
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    Bojana reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Support chatpower suggestion   
    It just occurred too me when one of the regular scams got spammed in chat after the mute, The support should have the power too delete such messages as it seems a bit silly that the spammer account gets perma muted but their scam links stay visible in chat. Just a quick suggestion before I head out for the day so sorry if this could have been placed more efficiently. 
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    Bojana reacted to Princess Hailey in Chat Rules elaborated   
    since this is a pa per post site then rules must be implemented properly, strictly.
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    Bojana reacted to 3mily in I am Bojana   
    Hello , thank you for a good job that you do @ PD , wish you well and best of luck
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    Bojana reacted to sandyrule in I am Bojana   
    Bojana the pretty girl on primedice just one thing i like edward he recruit u
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    Bojana reacted to neya in I am Bojana   
    Wow hello sir. Welcome here. Sorry my english is not so good. Hope you enjoy here
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    Bojana reacted to shinta23 in I am Bojana   
    Hallo i'm shinta. Hi bojana nice to meet you .
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    Bojana reacted to zhangwhizz in I am Bojana   
    thank you Bojana for the great intro, Primedice number one !
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    Bojana reacted to Akocroux in I am Bojana   
    Hello Madamme! Nice to meet you!
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    Bojana reacted to zale023 in I am Bojana   
    Hi Ms. Bojana! Nice meeting you! I always notice you on PD chat!
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    Bojana reacted to Jenn09 in Chat Rules elaborated   
    Thanks for the info madam
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    Bojana reacted to showrov1993 in Chat Rules elaborated   
    i appreciate chat rules but if anyone fun for 1-10 sec then why mute for longer.Fun make PD chat active and fast.This not for harassment ppl. By the way i think if anyone fun in chat and it's More offensive i think their mute should not be longer.
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    Bojana reacted in Chat Rules elaborated   
    Hello Bojana ,Thank for elaborating the chat rule
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    Bojana reacted to Ladylovelynn in Chat Rules elaborated   
    I didn't know that we have the complete list of chat rules.. easy to understand especially to new members like me.. thank you
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    Bojana reacted to 3mily in Chat Rules elaborated   
    You should pin this on top so it would be more visible , i think even in PD Q and S !