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  1. Bojana

    Is there a drug or perfume to attract women??

    Whatcha using, Dan? This one: Or Paco Rabanne?
  2. Give this man a Jackpot already! 🍀
  3. Bojana

    Let's count from 1 to 100 Thousand - 2018 Version

    Welcome back, @Mistletoe 😘
  4. Bojana

    Last letter game

  5. Inspired by the Irena's currently running beastly giveaway 👿 and my old one called "Midnight Challenge", I found another interesting scientific/gambling video with the maths/probability explained in detail, and all kinda scary at the same time Don't roll those double-sixes!!! 🎲
  6. Bojana

    Martingale. Y or N?

    He does play Martingale on BlackJack in this case, and with a robot, but it is a very interesting video to comprehend the simple maths behind it
  7. Bojana

    Last letter game

  8. I'm just gonna leave this here 😎
  9. Thank you, futurists, for participating once again Eligible 49 users have been credited, and best of luck with this week's challenge! Cheers! 🍀
  10. Not yet, but we will add it in the following weeks 😉
  11. Bojana

    Prospector paid his outstanding loan

    Awesome, glad it was settled and that you got your funds back despite the delay Locking the topic and good luck! 🍀
  12. Bojana

    Prospector paid his outstanding loan

    Heya, @athena2007, has this be completely settled? I can see his accounts, both Forum and site one have been unbanned?
  13. Of course, feel free to, it is easier for us to verify them all in one post