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  1. Bojana

    The letter game

  2. Bojana

    Withdrawal limit's reduced for BTC

    Which one is a high minimum of all the currently offered currencies on our site? Minimum withdrawal amounts have to be set to prevent the abuse and have users withdraw some reasonable amounts. Fees are just a part of any regular transaction, you pay these in banks as well, and they are also lowered to the minimum amount at the moment, but still reasonable for the transfer to pass smoothly and fast and not get stuck on the network
  3. Bojana

    Auto bet suddenly stop

    We need more detail on the process happening as this occurred on your account so that we could forward the issue to the developers for further checking - is your system and browser updated, do you have browser extensions and if yes, which ones, is your internet connection stable, did you refresh the page, were you receiving a lot of PMs at the time of error, etc? The more info you can provide, better are the odds we can effectively assists
  4. Yes, this can be added to the suggestions too, although I do not think devs will see it as a priority at the moment. The clean cut between "online" and "offline" and making it simple was the idea behind the PD5
  5. Bojana

    Movie letter game

  6. Bojana

    The letter game

  7. Bojana

    Online faucets and profitability

    Heya, @DreamStage, when providing a ref link, please, provide the clean link to the site as well. I would suggest adding them there in the brackets, so that users can see what the site is about 1st and then use your ref link if they chose to subscribe
  8. I still have my bank and I am emotionally attached to it, dunno why Might be a force of habit, might be that I find Vault feature a bit more demanding in operating, but sending tip to bank straight has always been my preferable thing Vault is great, don't get me wrong, it has all layers of protection, I just don't like seeing those funds while I am on my main, basically, I forget about them and then get surprised when I check the bank, like - wow, when did I reach that sum
  9. Keep them coming, people And don't forget the screenshots too, let's make job for our @Giveaway a bit easier Also, stay tuned for the upcoming athletic events that we have in store for the weeks to come
  10. Bojana

    PD promotion?

    Sorry to hear this, I am just a messenger at the moment Promos were running a bit differently in the past and this is definitely a practice that has been avoided since we took over the challenges/promos. Apparently, it was supposed to be posted in the right section and after that linked to Ed's topic... Your entry wasn't there, but yes, I understand your frustration to the certain extent It was insisted upon as the time went by and by many users also, and admins took the suggestion into consideration in the end. I don't think anyone wanted to damage you on purpose. Yeah, I found the convo, I bugged Micro about it too The last one that you reported? Still investigated, it is one of the rare "Questions" left open in that section, they are looking into it
  11. Looking forward to more update, thanks for the feedback ๐Ÿ€
  12. Bojana


    This one appears to be solved long ago, since Captain's question didn't get any reply If the user's error appear again, he can contact us directly on Live Support and we will try to assist further and pin the problem Locked! ๐Ÿ€
  13. Bojana

    Same Username

    Thanks, @lupandina, I think you understood question a bit better than me Either way, since this is replied, locking the topic now! ๐Ÿ€
  14. Bojana

    What happened to Primedice-coin idea?

    I am not sure this award got enough votes FOR implementation. If you manage to get some more feedback on this topic, we actually might forward this suggestion to developers to see if it is plausible and accepted by admins