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  1. Bojana


    Just saw the trailer, you have got my attention now! 😮 Definitely gonna give it a shot... James Purefoy, comeeee onnn! 😍
  2. Bojana

    2FA on tipping

    I completely agree with you, most of the players won't, this is just common sense, logical, not to let your account unprotected and to login just randomly from anywhere, share login info, lend account etc. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our opinion, and are much more reckless, despite the fact that your account deals with funds (on a gambling site!) and should have maximum protection in this case. Adding this protection as an "opt-out option" should be implemented in the future, with the next update hopefully, but until then it is limited this way, and includes all the players who have 2FA enabled.
  3. Bojana

    How to cope up with Depression?

    I already upvoted, but just wanna say thanks for sharing your experience with the community, @KoningHosselaar, it must have not been easy to open up like that and give all the details, but hopefully, someone in need of help in this sense, will get to read this Stay strong and good luck on your studies! 🍀
  4. Bojana

    The letter game

    Here we go again - another circle closed ANOTHER!
  5. Bojana


    What Ultra said, we cannot intervene, we cannot know if the tip is a simple tip/donation to another user or definitely a loan. Never do it on chat/in PMs, and don't just trust random people offering these services. Try using Forum for loans more, many Russian users have complained over this and they do not do it "by the book" so that we could actually help them. Thanks for the warning of the user, I hope others red this post not to make the same mistake, but our hands are tied if the loan was not made in the Lending section directly. Locking, sorry for your loss!
  6. Bojana

    Wakanda defaulted on loan

    Hello, chai Not sure if Milan saw the post, but either way, I'll respond - we cannot intervene into the loans conducted outside the Forum Lending section. Please, be more careful in the future whom you lend and always do it on an official forum thread so we could use this as an attribute to ban the account in question in case of a defaulted loan. Locking, in case Milan decides to intervene, he can reopen
  7. Bojana

    2FA on tipping

    If you, for example, remained logged in from some other device, at a friend's place, some internet cafe, and forgot to log out after that session. If someone tries to withdraw or tip your funds, abuse your account, it won't be possible, cause it won't have your 2FA to enter the account
  8. Bojana

    Mico Leão Dourado

    @angerangel, I agree But, please, use the English in the English sections of the Forum
  9. Bojana

    The letter game

  10. Bojana

    What do you think about avatar of user above?

    Your avatar reminds me of the art of Gustav Klimt for some reason And those cheerful windows in cathedrals, with stained glass
  11. Bojana

    Text overlap

    This one has been resolved with the latest update, so locking it now Cheers! 🍀
  12. Bojana

    Page Unresponsive Error

    Has this been resolved to you now, @UchihaRaj? I believe that the simple solution by deleting "play" from the URL can solve your problem? Make sure you're on https://primedice.com/ and not https://primedice.com/play Check if all of your browsers you tested on are updated, as well as your system, if it doesn't require any obligatory update to function without error. Make sure you don't have any extensions enabled too, that might be blocking the connection to the site
  13. Bojana

    TitleBot Top-50

    I bet Rob posted this one 5/6 times ❤️ LOL!!! 🤣 Also, what on Earth, where is this: ??? 😮
  14. Bojana

    Funny Chat Moments

    @dmbadillo10, we're still here, and on chat from time to time Our time just got a bit more limited due to the running Discord promotions and new obligations we have to handle, but we will try to pop into the chat more regularly