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  1. Beauty and the Beast 🌹
  2. Finishing the Big Bang Theory because this noob hasn't watched it when I was supposed to, lol
  3. Yo, @kippo Just follow what @Eminx3 and @williamsh said and you will start receiving Forum awards in no time Locking this one since it is resolved! 😎
  4. Hey, @GKD09 Is this one solved, please? Can we lock the topic? I believe you just lacked the browser update for this to work as intended
  5. Just seeing this one now, Hudost Thank you, and I think I speak in the name of the team when I say this! A lovely poem and even more amazing feedback We will keep on being even better! 🍀
  6. Heya I am not sure I understand this one. Which device are you playing on, please?
  7. Heya Sorry for the late reply on this one, must have somehow got buried under other inquiries Has this been resolved now, are you still experiencing this error (minus the typo ) and in which cases, please? I believe this was just a temporary issue during one of the updates, no?
  8. Heya API playground has been disabled at the moment on our site. If you are familiar with past functions, you should still be able to use some of them, as well as DiceBot for playing. For the two issues you have inquired about, I will tag @hui here to see if he is able to help you with this Good luck! 🍀
  9. Thanks, Singy, just link the bet IDs here too, please 😁😘