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  1. Bojana

    Movie letter game

    I would like this 10 times if I could ❤️
  2. Bojana

    The letter game

  3. Bojana

    Movie letter game

    Final Destination Yup, his sister, Debra
  4. Bojana

    Withdrawal Rumours

    Yes, as Dan said, this is not a must. If you are a serious gambler and if you want to earn, you will be aware that you should invest 1st, but again, this is entirely up to you. If you reach the minimum withdrawal amounts for certain currencies from tips and faucet too, you can withdraw the funds, no deposit obligatory We are not as some competitor sites (*wink-wink*) Minimum amounts for withdrawals are: For BTC: 0.004 BTC (fee is 0.00005 BTC) For LTC: 0.05 LTC (fee is 0.0005 LTC) For ETH: 0.04 ETH (fee is 0.0002 ETH) For BCH: 0.002 BCH (fee is 0.00001 BCH) For DOGE: 4000 DOGE (fee is 1.5 DOGE). Let us know if you need any additional information, gonna lock this one now, since it has been answered. Cheers! 🍀
  5. Bojana

    Quick Mind Game

    Black --> Plague
  6. Bojana

    The letter game

  7. Bojana

    Movie letter game

    Quarantine 😮
  8. Bojana

    Last letter game

  9. Bojana

    The letter game

    Monkey 🙈
  10. Bojana

    Quick Mind Game

    Fresh --> Clean
  11. Bojana

    Movie letter game

  12. Bojana

    More than 1 challenge per week

    One Challenge per week on PD is default now Mostly, users get a lot of profit from them and this is basically us sharing money to the players, if you look at it objectively. There are a lot of features that PD has introduced lately that provides users to earn more on site - rain-bot, email promotions, RakeBack, Pay-per-post forum, rain by mods and support, faucet has been there since the beginning, etc. Personally, I think an additional challenge would be an overkill, but that's just my two cents
  13. Bojana

    Movie letter game

    Becoming Jane (I love it too! ❤️)
  14. Bojana

    Last letter game