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  1. Could you explain your question in more detail, please? Primedice is optimized for working on any device with the latest system and browser update. However, this is the Forum section of the site, are you experiencing any issues here?
  2. Yes, this was all plot aimed against you (!) Any other conspiracy theories? Many users were awarded for their contribution and especially for the bounty reports. Those who attempt to leech were skipped in the process, quite fairly, in my opinion.
  3. This was already explained, and I hate repeating myself twice, but here we go. The user in question did not invent the Vault feature, nor was he promised any reward for implementing suggestions. If you want to participate in Forum only to collect the awards and promote your own site, I suggest you using Other Websites section, and check the Challenges board. Suggestion board is for players who have constructive criticism for the platform and do this solely to improve their experience on the site.
  4. Luiz, second bet is a losing one It has to be a winning bet, as it is always in our challenges