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  1. Hello! Could Primedice have an original slot game? What do you think? For example: The original Primedice slot game can increase your bet up to a hundred thousand times. The maximum profit you could earn would be $1 million. The minimum bet would be $0.01 and the maximum bet would be $100. There may be a bonus buy feature in the game and much more. I hope this suggestion can help. And do you have any suggestions? Write here as it can help the site improve every day! Good luck and good profits!😉
  2. Primedice username: Lucas1111Y Bet ID: 90332320031 Congratulations on Primedice's birthday, I believe that all of us players are also celebrating, many victories and achievements have been achieved by many Primedice players.😉
  3. Hello! What is your favorite cryptocurrency? Good luck and good profits!😉
  4. Olá! Quais atualizações você gostaria de ver aqui no Casino Primedice e no fórum? Mais promoções? Mais jogos? Deixe sua sugestão isso ajuda o site a crescer. Boa sorte e bons lucros! 😉
  5. Olá! Qual foi o seu maior lucro e sua maior perda no cassino Primedice? Boa sorte e bons lucros! 😉
  6. Hello! What was your biggest profit and your biggest loss at Primedice casino? Good luck and good profits!😉
  7. Qual cassino você mais gosta de jogar no Primedice ou Stake? Ou você joga nos dois cassinos ao mesmo tempo? Boa sorte e bons lucros! 😉
  8. Which casino do you like to play the most at Primedice or Stake? Or do you play in both casinos at the same time? Good luck and good profits!😉
  9. Hello! Yes, because each cryptocurrency has a unique value, when playing you must modify the value in order to play. Good luck and good profits!😉
  10. Hello! It is good to play in this multiplier from time to time, it would be good to try it once or twice a week. Good luck and good profits!😉
  11. Hello! The game does not make you rich or poor are the choices you make in the game that can make you rich or poor, if you play smart and balanced you can be very lucky in the game, so make a good game and don't bet everything not to lose everything, bet with balance and responsibility. Good luck and good profits!😉
  12. Hello! The game can help in mental health and can also harm, it will depend on each player, so everything in life is a learning opportunity, in the game you can get to know yourself better, so if you lost a lot you try to do it differently, and don't commit anymore the same mistakes, with that you will feel better. The reasons for playing can be as many as: Personal and financial growth, fun, knowing your limits and much more. Good luck and good profits!😉
  13. Hello! In the physical casino you use your physical senses more, such as smell, hearing, taste, touch and vision, so you felt the physical and energetic feeling of that casino better, you have a more physical contact with people and with the machines of the casino. At the online casino, you use your inner feelings and emotions more, you can meet people, but you won't be able to touch that person, only if you make an appointment with them. Good luck and good profits!😉