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  1. I met a guy on telegram and told him how I was in a $20K loss in bitcoin trading and I took a debt of $9K to recover it, he told me he knew some tricks to win in primebtc, and asked me to deposit 0.15 BTC in my account secure it with 2fa and give him the 2FA just once so he can login and not withdraw anything. I deposited 0.15 BTC and gave him id pass, 2fa code, he logged in, placed a few bets and I was in profit, he then sent me a fake screenshot saying he’s logged out and needs 2fa again to login, I gave him, and using the 2fa he tipped my entire btc to his primedice account. His primedice account is an old account it’s since 2019 Can someone please help me recover the amount? I asked the customer support but they are of no help, I’m in a debt and have to repay it, thanks! I would even appreciate if primedice can share if ip address or any other details so I can reach out to local police.