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  1. Come on, there is not a single piece of evidence about what bonuses I get, wait for me to digest it. So why not say a word about VIP host status?
  2. Am I telling you wrong or are people blind? If different bonuses have been given, it is enough for me to show their records. In addition, although they say that I have not received support from telegram for months and that I have the right to change a VIP host; I stated that they did not do this in any way. Anyone have the answer for that?
  3. vip level was not already operated for accounts before that date. I know this from my other accounts. Record what bonuses are awarded. In addition, my request for VIP host change on the subject. Do not ignore this topic as usual.
  4. yes it is for me As you can see, no one even writes an answer.
  5. I want to change a VIP host with you. There is such a truth; mladen other admin accessed me via the support team and said: as site administration we don't give any bonuses if we wanted. Everybody knows that, and can use the rules. What I want is to explain to me why you are doing this injustice, and if it is your own decision, you should accept it.
  6. @kasinojacob I did not request it because I did not need it back then. And I do not have a share on the site as you cannot request it later. I request for each one in turn, but it is not accepted for any of them. it prevented me from telegram because I do not deposit as much as before. Besides, I guess he doesn't want to hear about me from what I want. I hope too. my requests are also my simple bonus request and a new vip support.
  7. Hello, let me follow this site for years. You can see my transaction size and VIP level from my user name 'birseniozledim' profile (plat4). Eddie, my VIP host for months, blocked me from telegram. He wants me to communicate by e-mail and he does not reply to the e-mail. As you can see my account is plat4 and I have never made a bonus request for plat level. plat - plat2- plat3 and plat4. likewise, my account is 'tabaderi' and plat 2 level in the staking site. The bonuses that I should have received by request until now, Eddie say "These bonuses are not retrospective unfortunately. At the next level you will have it". He says that I cannot demand this even for the last level. I also want a new vip host that is not blocked from telegram. The support team says that Eddie has to do about it. when I ask him for this; he mocks and doesn't do that. Now I am waiting for support from friends on the forum and the site. To pay my VIP level bonuses and to assign a new vip host. Under the heading the relevant site administration transparently. Please give the documents and explanations. @Eddi16 @EddieFx @mladen @Bojana @Mirela @Danica @Dusan @MDSci2018 @Xantys