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    RandomLTCgambl reacted to DeeBK in 🥇[$2000] ​Smash the Dice 🎲   
    You won this challenge, the rules are like that now, no doubt about that.
    But these rules are timezone-based, so same people will always win like this on longer term if they stay. And not everyone lives in the same time zone.
    And I don't think that it's the intention to promote people to start gambling in the middle of the night, when they are at work, at school, ... because they live in the wrong timezone ...
    And also my opinion is that there should still be a chance to win until the very last second of the challenge for this kind of challenges, that's most fair for everyone.
    Not that I have a big balance (like some think lately) but it's still a 'VIP'challenge too, you can win more, so it's logic you have to wager more.

    I understand why you say it's a nice change, because you were able to start earlier than other players and you will probably be able to in the future too and then it's just about who is the luckiest person of the once who live in the best time zone and that isn't fair. The challenge should be able to be won by EVERYONE, no matter where you live. 
    I hope you understand that too.