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  1. gillqc I tried going to my settings to disable "ghost mode" as the contest says I should have my bets public but it crashes and won't let me change it I contacted support, just fyi
  2. I'm trying for a few million rolls while staying in the green but even then I think it can still go bust... You can always go bust, that's why the casinos make money
  3. I either blow all my beer money away or I become a millionaire? Let's goooooo
  4. But the math is exactly the same % chance to hit if you move the range it's all the same...
  5. I already had bought BTCs a loooong time ago and it was profitable, I bought a lot of things with BTC like new game consoles, gifts for my wife, shopping for clothes, etc. I emptied all my BTC balance eventually (I never had a lot, it's just that I bought when it was < 100$) But recently I remembered about BCH and I never touched the BCH and I figured heck why not start betting for fun
  6. I hope a season 2 is coming I watched the first season in a weekend. Awesome series, but it's so long to wait for season 2 uggggggh
  7. Just like RandomLTCgambl only gamble money that isn't important! I put booze money in gambling nothing else
  8. I'm telling my wife : either I will make some money or I'll only be wasting money I would have put on booze anyway. So it's a win/win I guess? Too much booze makes me gain weight
  9. I would love a dark mode too. Don't think I will find the time to whip up the css myself I hate doing css and my own version would probably looook bad anyway
  10. I would love to have a minimum/maximum bet amount, right now if I do a strategy that does doubling or halving there is no way to set a minimum or maximum so on a bad streak it will go down to 0.0000000 and stop betting significant amounts.
  11. From a beginner to another beginner : Good luck and welcome!