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  1. yo por ejemplo paso mas en canales en ingles donde hay mas actividad
  2. yo como sy nuevo usuario intentare hacer esos desafios
  3. hello guys i present to you a good casino where you can earn good income with bets Referral link - https://betfury.io/?r=5f43f2bc4cf3ce6cfacad593 Clean link - https://betfury.io i like to tell my own experience in this one i got cashback with my loss bets, yes if you deposit and lost your bets the casino give you cashback of 2% in my case its 4% because im level 2 my main objetive in this casino its earn at least 0.50 BTC per month if work in the games like Dice or Keno daily i will reach good income but first you must earn BFG token because those tokens help you to earn dividends and that is playing games in the casino. my earnings so far in 2 months in this casino and these are my earnings in this week also this casino have box of investment in my case i invest 500,000 satoshis and my profit will be 50,000 satoshis at the end 550,000 and the best you can withdraw at any time and in the future the casino will join in exchange to buy his BFG tokens soo those tokens have a high value this is my own experience so far im very happy with this one if like to join and have questions i will be here Referral link - https://betfury.io/?r=5f43f2bc4cf3ce6cfacad593 Clean link - https://betfury.io PS: at the moment i dont withdraw to my wallet but i will do in couple months, there is a chat in telegram who users can share his proof of payments
  4. por recomendacion de un amigo, aunque aun soy nuevo quiso sacar ganancias
  5. si tienes bastante volumen de dicha altcoin si sale rentable ya que si lo consigues a un precio bajo y consigues millones en un año o 2 lo vendes tdo y puede darte de $40 a $100, personalmente solo estoy en 2 de las 20 que he trabajado y apenas le saque $80 pero claro no tenia millones, que si sale rentable i con fuerte inversion pero si se esta fauceteando es mejor dejarla guardada en el congelador
  6. es mejor google chrome, porque opera consume mucha ram
  7. im new too, so we are the 2020 generation heheheheheheh
  8. also good support in case of issue with the account 😎 good future i can see to primedice, keep the good work guys
  9. hiii everyone im from honduras and i starting to get into in casinos, im not a gambler addict , well not yet hahahahahaha, hope everyone can show me more about this and meet new people for share strategics or get more update about games, i like dice hehehehe