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  1. Hey guys! My every day theme: dance! 😊💃 Salsa, cha cha, tango or anything else? I love to dance.. has been dancing for 4 years, latin and standard dance! Dancing makes me feel calm after bad days, bad moments in life. Helps me to clear my mind and gives me a natural energy boost. It also increased my confidence during the years of dancing. Grab your dancing shoes and tell me do you love to dance and why? 🥰💃
  2. Welcome back! I am Diana, nice to meet you! 😊 I hope you will have a great time with us, especially a good luck! See you on the chat! 🍀
  3. Welcome my friend! Good to have you here! Good luck, have fun 💚🍀
  4. Hey Mina, I have one wish for this year at the moment, but I don't think it will be possible 😂 One word - Maldives! 😊💖
  5. Welcome! Nice to meet you! Have fun and good luck. Hope you will have a great time with us 🍀
  6. Welcome Aleksandar! We are glad to have you here! You will have a great time with us I am sure. Good luck! 🍀
  7. Dijana


    Welcome to our community! Have a great luck and have fun! You will enjoy with us, see you on Primedice chat! 😊🍀
  8. Welcome! I hope you will have a great time with us! Have fun and good luck! ☘️🥰
  9. Dijana

    New on Forum

    Welcome from here too my friend! Have a nice time and good luck! See you 🍀🥰
  10. Dijana


    Welcome to our community! Good luck! Don't forget to have fun 😊🍀
  11. He is the most appropriate one for the role. He proved that he is a great actor with Supermen 😊
  12. Dijana

    Your worst vacation

    Montenegro the first place!! Never again. It was agreed 300m from the beach, but at the end it was like 500m up the highest hill you have ever seen before! Water cold, few sunny days, hell.
  13. Maldives of course! There is nothing else needed in life.. 🥰
  14. Hate frogs, snake and lizard! Just make me sick when I see those 😭
  15. Dog, Stafford, the best one ever! My baby boy is called Rocky! 😍