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  1. It's not really matter on what age based on my experienced.. It's all about or based on the performance of your partner or the person you make loved with
  2. That's why am only loyal to pd 🤗🤗
  3. It's so tiring.. I don't usually exercise but my stamina is good when having sex lol
  4. I don't really remember the age of having best sex🤔🤔.. All I remember was it is so amazing everytime when you do sex at your best.. Performance at the highest level.. Of course with someone you love..
  5. Religion is my personal relationship to God
  6. Lol.. If that so.. Then I will not gamble anymore but perhaps I wanna a be bitcoin porn 🌟 😆😆
  7. Good food of course after good sex 😁😋😋
  8. I like it being shaved and clean for both of us.. 😜😜
  9. Am happily married with my husband for 15 years.. But lol I can't help myself of being attracted to beautiful ladies.. I like women but not to the point of having interest to get involved with someone..